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It turns out that drinking a lot of milk is not good for the skin as you think, the reason is extremely surprising!


We still hear parents and grandparents say that drinking milk helps you to have a beautiful skin and also improves your health. Because it contains a large amount of vitamins A, B1, B2 and protein that can help the skin become smooth, rich in vitality, fresh milk and dairy products are often considered ‘magic’ for a bright white skin. However, the abuse of raw milk has negative effects on the skin and even health problems!
Acne brothers visit acne

Perhaps you do not know, milk will worsen skin problems, especially acne, enemies that do not belong to the skin. Research by Harvard University has proven that people who often get acne if you drink cow’s milk, acne will get worse. Because cow’s milk contains hormones androgen , a compound that promotes the production of acne more quickly, increases the activity of the sebaceous glands, causes the skin to increase sebum secretion, is the leading acne factor. At the same time the hormones in milk react with these testosterone in the body increases the production of sebum in the skin, clog pores that can lead to dermatitis. Not only that, but overusing milk and dairy products can also promote inflammation, making skin visibly worse. According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Associate Professor of Dermatology and Head of Clinical and Cosmetic Research at Mount Sinai Hospital: “Milk, especially skim milk, is associated with skin inflammation and acne. Research shows that skim milk products contain high amounts of sugar or milk whey protein Contains many active substances that stimulate our oil glands. This means that the skin is more oily and more inflamed, leading to pimples. Doctor Corey L. Hartman The Skin Wellness Dermatology explains: “ Whey protein is the mixture the protein isolated from whey , is the liquid portion of milk that is separated when cheese is made. From that, the protein This can create effects domino . Whey Increases the production of seed growth factors Insulin 1 (IGF-1). Insulin Increases oil production, which contributes to the development of acne. It also activates hormone production androgen, testosterone irritates oil and causes acne ”. Furthermore, the IGF-1 content of skim milk is much higher than that of whole milk. This compound has the ability to have an impact on the body, causing acne to grow faster than normal. And cow’s milk contains casein – a kind the protein other associated with IGF-1 – and high content progesterone is converted into acne-stimulating hormone testosterone dihydroxy in human sebaceous glands. Not only that, but also contains milk lactose – a natural sugar that provides energy, calcium … When passing through puberty, the body will find it harder to absorb and digest this substance than when it was a child. However, if you are unlucky it falls into 65% of the percentage of people who do not consume lactose acne status will “find” you faster than normal people! What is the alternative solution for our “love” and milk? Switching to other types of milk like oat milk is the opinion of many people, but it still doesn’t really change anything. Although the milk replacements may not contain casein, whey protein hormones and can help consumers avoid skin and digestive problems. But they can be prepared with gum, emulsifier, preservative, carrageenans and add sugar. These can also cause intestinal and skin problems. Milk is not completely bad for the skin. Fermented milks, such as yogurt, help provide the body with probiotics. And that also has an effect domino wait. Probiotics Bacteria that help restore a healthy microflora. Microbiota is a collection of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses, that live in symbiosis on our body. Many people have switched to drinking skim milk for yogurt, their skin becomes whiter, sunburns fade faster, and uneven skin spots fade. And instead of cutting down on raw milk completely, we can still take care of healthy skin with nutritious whole-grain milk products and also limit acne breakouts. With nutrients good for the body such as omega-3, vitamin B, vitamin D … that help solve many health problems, soy milk will definitely be an effective alternative. At the same time, when “bow tie” regularly drink this drink, the risk of breast cancer will also be reduced, as well as preventing diabetes and even reducing osteoporosis. Contains 50% of the vitamin E needed by the body for a day, but no lactose so almond milk is extremely beneficial for the digestive tract. Not only that, almond milk also contains very little calories and fat should also aid in weight loss. Almond milk also has anti-oxidant properties to help keep skin healthy, brighten skin and strengthen muscles, so practicing the habit of drinking almond milk regularly will not only help you look beautiful, but also healthy. . Possesses the ability to protect the skin from the sun and reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to the compound para-aminobenzoic acid Rice milk needs to appear every day in our daughter’s “need to drink” list. In addition, rice milk also contains the same nutrient content as cow’s milk, so this is a perfect companion. Instead of completely discarding milk, with a moderate amount of milk or beans based milk will not have much impact on your sebum. Just drink milk properly, owning a beautiful skin and a healthy body is still within easy reach!