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Jennie Kim revealed the secret to keeping in shape every promotion, making people feel sad


In order to have a standard body without any excess fat when appearing in public, the BLACKPINK member had to apply a strict diet and exercise regimen.
Dubbed the female idol with a super standard body despite her modest height, BLACKPINK member Jennie has had to go through days of “hard work” to achieve the current body. Therefore, Jennie’s figure became the dream of millions of girls around the world.

Jennie’s perfect body in a recent photo shoot Of course, to get such a perfect figure, she has gone through many difficulties. Especially when she was preparing to promote new songs, she implemented a stricter weight loss regime. This makes fans very sorry for their idol because the regime is too harsh. Jennie’s surreal body Jennie shared, “During promotions, I will try not to eat salty foods. Before promoting, I will do yoga or pilates and exercise continuously. Exercise is tiring but I like the process. If When I wake up and go to the gym, I want to eat healthy food.” First of all, in terms of eating, the foods that Jennie prioritizes are foods that are low in starch, rich in vegetables and fruits and are easy to digest, especially pale to avoid swelling due to water retention. In addition to a diet that makes fans cry, the subject that helps the body to be flexible, and a good support in maintaining Jennie’s figure is yoga or pilates to maintain a “standard” body. In an interview in 2018, Jennie also affirmed that: “When you find a form of exercise that suits you, stick with that sport and make exercise time a part of it. inevitable in life”. Although only 1m63 tall, Jennie’s body proportions are really perfect, making anyone want to admire and wish.