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Lisa Black Pink brings in $ 1.37 million in media value for Celine brand


The news that Lisa Black Pink has earned $ 1.37 million in media impact value for the luxury brand Celine, more than the brand’s own channels have attracted international media attention.
Not ashamed to be the golden egg for the French brand, Vogue Business magazine continues to praise Lisa Black Pink for bringing in $ 1.37 million MIV (media impact value) for Celine recently, even more than the company’s own websites.

Forget Hollywood stars, there’s a new global face worthy of attention and Lisa Black Pink’s photo in Vogue Business According to data from Lefty site, Lisa BlackPink owns more than 52 million followers on Instagram and has an interaction rate of nearly 10%. Lisa has earned more than 31 billion dong of media impact value for Celine, this is a “terrible” number that the YG female idol has done to attract the attention of the international media. Celine’s latest items are preferentially sent to Lisa to wear first and then to European and American stars Thomas Repelski, co-founder of marketing platform Lefty, says that thanks to an extremely large audience and fan interaction, Lisa is responsible for nearly 90% of the media value created for French brand Celine. The most recent image of Lisa Black Pink in Vogue Japan Lisa BlackPink has a huge following on social media so that’s why her media impact is towering. Even the pink helmet is more expensive than this 31 million dong of rare goods that Lisa BlackPink owned for the first time. The creative director of the French brand Hedi Slimane also considers her a “family member” adorned with the words Lisa Heidi on the helmet and gifted to the singer not long ago. Italian fashionista and fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, owns 23 million followers and regularly collaborates with the longtime Celine brand. But the engagement rate is much lower than Lisa BlackPink, at only 3% (although this is already 2% higher than Instagram’s average). Italian fashionista and fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni is still far behind Lisa BlackPink in terms of media value