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Maternal and newborn care services


Recently, mother and newborn care services have been chosen by many mothers, not only because they support the care of their babies, but also help them quickly recover their health and improve their physique after giving birth.
To meet the increasing needs of customers, in the province, many spa centers and spas have been opened with many service packages, the price of treatments ranges from 3 to 13 million VND. Basically, the package of mother and newborn care services at home will include health care, postpartum recovery massage, face and body care, sauna, milk stimulation, mother’s hair wash, bath, and more. baby massage… With more advanced service packages, the price is higher, because in the course there are some more intensive care treatments, longer time for mother’s health and beauty care such as: Postpartum skin care, restore dark areas, reduce waist…

The hydrotherapy swimming method at a spa is chosen by many mothers. Photo: Trung An Ms. NVTN, from Chanh Lo ward (Quang Ngai city), said: “After giving birth to two babies, I have experienced mother and baby care services of a mother and baby care center. Day by day, my health gradually recovered, no more pain, less bruises, less stretch marks, I feel more confident. Ms. Ngoc Anh, executive director of a mother and baby care center in Quang Ngai City, said: The spa’s staff are all specialized in nursing, midwifery, medical staff, etc. Every baby has a logbook every day, thereby helping to take better care of mother and baby. Postpartum women have many changes in life, so it is difficult to avoid psychological stress. Therefore, spa staff not only support baby care, but also share and chat to help mothers relieve stress. In addition to taking care of babies with standard medical methods, hydrotherapy is currently being chosen by many mothers. Ms. Nguyen Ha Thuy, owner of a spa facility in Quang Ngai City, said: The hydrotherapy swimming method is usually for babies from 2.5-24 months old. With the support of a neck float, a lying float or the help of experts at spas, your baby will be able to swim freely, help him move, develop his senses, and help him explore the world around him. Ms. Ta Thi Diem Trang, from Nghia Dien commune (Tu Nghia), shared: “I let her swim with hydrotherapy at a spa from 2.5 months old, now she is 6 months old. After experiencing the service. Now, I feel the baby has changed markedly, the baby is stronger, eats well, sleeps easier and sleeps deeper.” With scientific methods, mother and newborn care services are increasingly trusted by families. However, consumers need to consider and choose reputable and quality facilities and consult experts and doctors for advice and guidance on the effective and safe use of services.