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Mine’s eldest auntie: U50’s cheeks are saggy but looking down at her 6-pack body, 20 girls must be jealous


Kim Seo Hyung is probably the beauties mentioned by Vietnamese stars on personal page stories the most these days. Not only good acting but also because of the cool aura and 6-pack body of the eldest aunt Mine.

During the days of isolation, people limit their activities within the framework of their homes, limiting going out. At times like these, everyone chooses to “plow the movie” to preserve their health. The most popular drama mentioned by the online community must be mentioned Mine – Korean sensational “bow fight” film about the life of the super rich. Prominent in the veteran cast of the film must mention the eldest aunt Jung Seo Hyun played by Kim Seo Hyung. Jung Seo Hyun has a great background and is addictive because of her overwhelming fashion sense and overwhelming aura. She is a rare person who can weigh all the difficult outfits in the movie thanks to her perfect figure. People are “crazy” by the fierce fighting details in the film and partly by the genderless beauty of the character played by Kim Seo Hyung. In real life, she possesses an eye-catching beauty that is no different from when she was in the movie. Actress Kim is 47 years old this year and … still has not married anyone, plus the non-gender charisma, she makes the Vietnamese beauties fascinated. Looking at her personal page, she can be seen as a secretive and simple person, but searching on the internet can turn up dozens of pictures of her. With a special beauty, Kim Seo Hyung is often invited to model for menswear-oriented photo sets. Her facial features at the age of U50 are extremely impressive. Conspicuously, U50 cannot avoid the signs of aging. Her cheeks are a bit saggy, her smile line is also very deep, but that probably doesn’t matter compared to the big sister’s aura in each frame. Kim Seo Hyung is very secretive about his personal life. Her fashion style is also very discreet, rarely exposing the skin, so few people know that the Kim Chi actress also has a beautiful body. This is a rare time when she dresses so much, but of course, the gap is not to show off her sexy and seductive features, but the healthy and genderless features of her abs. U50’s body has a certain lean (dry fat) but not only the abdomen. Her arms and shoulders are very neat and beautiful. Her body is not due to thinness or anorexia as many people think. Women’s body structure, it is not thin to have abs like men but also need more. One thing that you can definitely learn from Kim Seo Hyung’s case is that in middle age, we may not be able to avoid aging skin, but the body is different. Muscles, if exercised and eaten in moderation, will be much younger than the skin. In particular, muscles can be easier to take care of than ruddy skin. So what did the oldest aunt Mine do to be able to have the confidence she is now? Practice Pilates Pilates in Vietnam is still a strange concept, but in Korea it is a popular sport among women. This subject is like a combination of yoga and gym. It helps to increase the strength of muscle groups, but still ensures flexibility, flexibility, improves many muscle groups, especially your core area. This is the reason, your physique will be improved comprehensively, your belly will be smaller over time. Kim Seo Hyung has a slender neck, square shoulders with perfect proportions, clear collarbones, long legs and a slim waist… All thanks to her hard work in Pilates. Flexible cardio When work is too busy or her mind is too stressful, the 48-year-old actress is flexible between exercise and stress relief by going out to exercise with friends such as jogging, climbing… At the age of almost fifty, Kim Seo Hyung is friends with the small dog and walks with the dog every day. This is also a useful mental health exercise for aging. She also needs friends to motivate her more or less every time she goes hiking or walking. Having someone to go and practice with will lift your spirits and burn more energy through conversations. Control calories by cooking yourself and eating on time Once shared in a reality TV show, Kim Seo Hyung thought it would be better if she cooked for herself. Thus, she will control the source of nutrients, the type of food that you put in your body, thereby minimizing the choices that are harmful to your body. She prioritizes white protein, good fats, fiber, and whole grains. Besides, she also adjusts her biological time to eat at the right time. She shared, skipping meals or letting her body get too hungry made her lose weight quickly and lose the charm of her breasts. Since then, Kim Seo Hyun has always told herself, no matter how busy she is, she will always have her meal on time.