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Phi Nhung rarely wears revealing clothes, showing off her sexy figure


Loyal to the rustic and simple fashion style, Phi Nhung rarely “makeovers” with revealing dresses that surprised people.

Artistic activities have been around for a long time, but singer Phi Nhung is still loyal to her rustic, simple and discreet fashion style. Recently, Ho Van Cuong’s adoptive mother surprised the public with a sexy “makeover” image. In a series of swimsuit photos, Phi Nhung made fans admire her youthful and sexy body at the age of 49. Possessing a slim, toned body at the age of U50, the vocalist “Crazy Cotton” sometimes changes his style from discreet, elegant to sexy. Photo: Louis Vux. Wearing a tight-fitting, high-cut dress, Phi Nhung shows off her sexy body and Western beauty in front of the camera. Photo: Louis Vux. The female singer wants to renew herself after years of being loyal to a discreet style. Photo: Louis Vux. This change of Phi Nhung received the support of many colleagues and fans. Phi Nhung revealed that the secret of her ageless beauty is to limit makeup, exercise, or laugh. The singer is always radiant despite being busy with work and taking care of young adopted children. Although she is about to enter the age of “fifteen”, Phi Nhung is still “single”. “The mother with the most adopted children in Vbiz” once confided that she would not get married but just wanted to focus on taking care of her children. Watch the video “Untold story about singer Phi Nhung”. VTC1 source:

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