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What do Hollywood actors do to have a toned body?


Cole Sprouse is famous as a style icon. Besides, his balanced physique helps him confidently wear many types of clothes.

Participating in the movie Riverdale, Cole Sprouse has had physical changes, according to GQ Mexico. Before that, the actor was attached to the image of a teenage idol. Working out to get in shape is the key to Cole Sprouse’s success in changing his style. Photo: Colenewsth. Alex Fine – Cole Sprouse’s trainer – shared with People: “Cole Sprouse spends 45 minutes doing cardio in the morning. The exercises that require weights will be done in the afternoon.” Photo: Abc News. Cole Sprouse often does cardio with the treadmill. Besides, the actor does more push-ups and exercises that work on the abdominal muscles. Photo: GQ. Cole Sprouse’s trainer said that before the scenes of taking off his shirt in Riverdale, the actor will increase the intensity of exercise 2-3 times / day. Sometimes, he adds exercises like boxing or pilates. Photo: Glamor. In addition to following the coach’s program, Cole Sprouse also spends time practicing with co-star KJ Apa. He often follows KJ Apa’s movements. Photo: Teen Vogue, Cskaaaad. Depending on the workout, Cole Sprouse will target each muscle group. In order to have the right physique for the scenes, the actor had to focus on training 4 weeks in advance. Photo: GQ. Cole Sprouse is not on a strict diet. He exercises 3 times a week to keep fit. Photo: GQ. Exercises to help men develop chest muscles The exercises at home do not take much time to help men become stronger and have toned chest muscles.