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Photography submission


Yuan Qianhuizi

Junior student in Oil Painting Department of Sichuan University Art College

About the work “My Hallucination”——

Maybe I have been living in hallucinations all the time.

I try to catch some moments that are not contaminated in my opinion , They can make me feel the “impact” from them the moment I see them, and it seems that I can get empathy with them in this simple way. This makes me think, what is spent thinking about? What is the bird thinking? Where’s the fish? Where’s the mountain? If I were them or them, how would I feel?

…Different things may have different “impacts” on me. I use images to try to record the moments when I empathize with them, relying on them to ask questions to myself, in what way do I exist?

Dai Hanhong


Photography is aggression , Is a means, is a way to explore oneself. I try to use images to express what is in my heart. Only images can convey what is specific for me.

Deng Yajing

Born in 2002, freshman student in Hunan

I love shooting humanities. When I look back at the bits and pieces that I have recorded before, those people and stories reappear before my eyes, and my heart still throbs.

Maybe I am an alienated person, I always feel that the world is too big but I am too small , I dare not be inseparable from any one person and cannot escape the connection, but I found that behind the viewfinder, it seems that I can have an inexplicable connection with others, which is quite interesting.

The poet Zhang Ergun, who has always been more admired, I think he sings all things in the world with words of compassion and tenderness, tearing up the hardships and warmth of the people at the bottom of society to you.

And I hope that my works can also have such “earthness”.


Born in 2000, girl

Photos are the carrier of my fantasy. I want to use them to make up stories and try to visualize the complex diversity of human relationships.

Most of my photos reflect the desire to spy on intimacy . Any form of intimacy can be seen, as long as you get close enough in the relationship, it is enough to leave evidence. Sometimes I also fake images to reshape the relationship between people, which helps me express my views on interpersonal relationships. When walking on the road, I am used to shooting with a zoom film camera. I like to find the image space of interest in a noisy world and then zoom in on it. This process is like monitoring others with binoculars.

@雨后 elephant_

A graphic designer living in Guangzhou

The photo book “Walking” contains 60 photos taken during my walks in Guangzhou, Pingdingshan, Anshun, and Tokyo during the four years from 2018 to 2021. They were born on the way to get off work, parks, streets and communities that I passed by accidentally. On the bus and subway.

I like walking, wandering without purpose, and being in a daze. Walking is a conversation with yourself and a process of reading the world . Rely on intuition to judge whether to press the shutter at the moment when you see the scene in front of you. The infinite details in everyday scenes always instinctively attract me: colors, shapes, folds, structures, traces, symbols, order, malfunction, meaninglessness, the dispersion of light, the relationship between objects, the state of people in urban space… …

The selection and editing in the later period also made repeated deletions and adjustments, hoping to maintain the same overall tone, and each photo can be independent of each other. Integrating these subjective and random images together finally produces one of the many viewing possibilities. The feeling of reading this book is probably like a person who does not understand braille reading braille and touching those raised dots.


Sophomore, taking pictures after class

On a spring night in Nanjing, I was so comfortable on the balcony. I came back and rearranged my photos. I still liked some of the photos I took. Try to find something in these photos. It feels like the night plane across the sky that I saw on the balcony today, The signal light is flashing, flashing and flashing as if it is echoing the people watching it . I like these photos.


A junior, who has been exposed to photography for about two years

I have taken many types of photos in the past two years, but I am fascinated by lines from beginning to end . As you can see, the submitted photos are full of lines, which may be curved fireworks, or the straightness of buildings, but no matter how you say, such lines constitute a quiet picture, and the quiet picture also fascinates me. This motivates me to keep the enthusiasm to press the shutter impulsively.


“Klein’s Love”: True love also comes to life in the Jedi .


For the beauty and pain brought by the complex world, I repay the same gratitude, but at the same time, there is also irresistible fatigue. So I hid in between the shutters to rest .

Regardless of the story, the concept, the praise or the insult, any attachments other than the image make me tired. We have always swayed between innocence and sentimental, but for me, the action of pressing the shutter caused a momentary pause in the pendulum that passed the innocence.

The following are just some simple pictures, as well as the emotions that you and I have, and me in the cloud.

I like to draw things that are ordinary, boring, and commonplace

Qu Hanlin.

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