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Quyen Linh’s daughter possesses the characteristics of a ‘beauty icon’


Despite the fashion of short hair, dangling hair always attracts experimental beauty followers, but Cinderella – the eldest daughter of Quyen Linh’s family – only loves long black hair.

In the village of Vietnamese stars and children, it is rare for a warm boy to receive the attention of the online community like the two daughters of MC Quyen Linh and his business wife Da Thao. If the youngest sister Chestnut is becoming more and more beautiful and hard to recognize, the second sister Cinderella is expected by the online community to become the future Miss. Accordingly, Cinderella almost possesses “golden characteristics” to be able to fight in beauty arenas, from a delicate face with harmonious five senses, a height of more than 1.7m even though she is only 16 years old. age to outstanding academic achievement. In particular, the beautiful girl of the Z generation also possesses the standard “beauty queen” feature. Recently, in a self-published clip on her personal instagram, not only is Cinderella’s beautiful face attractive, but Cinderella’s long and flowing black hair is also enough to attract all eyes. “On the air” with a rustic beauty, Quyen Linh’s daughter makes many people bewildered by her elegant face, V-line chin, big round double eyelids, high nose bridge, shining smile. In the short clip, Cinderella confidently poses with jet-black hair. Sometimes a high ponytail shows off her facial features, sometimes a low bun like a Korean girl. The most remarkable moment is the moment when Cinderella shows off her profile, not only her golden ratio face but her silky smooth hair stream is also enough to “wake up” the internet. With long shiny hair curled and bouncy, Quyen Linh’s daughter is no different from a princess. Only through blurry images, but Cinderella still shines. Over time, the beautiful lines of Miss 10X become more and more perfect and brilliant. However, for many years, long, uncolored bouncy hair has always been Cinderella’s first choice. Thanks to this shiny cloud hair stream, people are more and more convinced that Cinderella possesses the standard beauty of a future Miss. Since childhood, Cinderella and Chestnut have long, gentle, feminine hair. By the time he went to school, even though his figure was as tall as his father’s, the boy was still loyal with the cute and mischievous side-tied hairstyle. A little older, Cinderella changed direction with her hair parted in the middle and bouncy curls. Thanks to her long, shiny hair, Cinderella can befriend many different hair types. Sometimes it’s straight, sometimes it’s high. At times, Cinderella is as gorgeous as a princess in wavy wavy hair. And no matter what style of column, the 16-year-old’s radiant beauty still shines thanks to Miss’s standard hair. It can be said that it is not natural that Cinderella can transform with many different hairstyles and still keep her hair admirably smooth and shiny. Part of it must be that the lady of the Quyen Linh family must be very careful about this “character” of thousands of people. And just looking at the hair stream of this Z gen girl, the sisters also see that sometimes you don’t have to follow the trend of sophisticated trimming or outstanding coloring, you can still shine with a hair Strong, natural smooth. So, what are the popular tips that are both simple and effective to help her have beautiful Miss Miss hair? – Find the right shampoo You may not know, shampoo plays a very important role in nourishing beautiful hair. Depending on the type of scalp and different hair condition, you will have your own suitable shampoo. Choosing the right shampoo will not only help clean the scalp and hair, but also keep it moisturized much better as well as not make the hair oily, cause dandruff … – Use conditioner properly In addition to finding a suitable shampoo for the scalp, you should not skip the step of using conditioner right after each wash. However, you need to be careful to avoid overusing these products because they can make the scalp easy to get dirty, quickly dirty and have more dandruff. Accordingly, after shampooing, use conditioner to gently massage the ends of the hair for about 1 minute to provide nutrients for stronger hair. In the process of using conditioner, you should not apply the product to the roots and let it stick to the scalp because this can cause scalp irritation as well as make hair fall more. – Incubate hair with vitamin E Besides the use of skin care, you can use vitamin E to smoothen your hair both effectively and cheaply. First, mix 2 vitamin E capsules with 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 egg to form a paste. Then, rinse your hair and gently apply the mixture to your hair from root to tip. Once the mixture is evenly applied, use a towel to let your hair rest for about 20 minutes before washing it off with your regular shampoo. Just do it 2-3 times a week with this formula, your dry, split ends will disappear completely and replaced with a smooth shine. – Do not abuse care products Many women often think that nourishing hair with many care products at the same time is more beneficial for the hair. However, this is a misconception. Because like the face skin, the scalp can still be “overeating” if you apply too many products at the same time. The main reason is because each type of hair conditioner has different ingredients, sometimes they do not support but also inhibit each other. Just a suitable hair care product, combined with incubating hair with natural hair masks is enough to help women have strong hair.