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The above drama “Deadly Woman” returned, but I only fancy retro dresses from the 1950s!


Hello, Xiaomi Minasang, good afternoon~

I still remember the 2019Tou Shuang drama”Deadly Woman”? In the same house, the story of three different women with blood-washed men for different reasons.

It’s not just the plot, but the vintage outfits of different eras make Ou Ou love it.

the 60’sBeth’s various printed umbrella skirts, waist, large skirt, small floral, polka dots and other elements are sweet and elegant.

MacaronIt is also Beth’s love. Various colors appear in turn, and the details are also carefully matched. Whether it is an exquisite handbag or a hair accessory of the same color, she looks like an exquisite doll.

And Simeone is typical80s styleDuring this period, women want to obtain the same social status as men, so they will be more tough and capable in dressing style. The style of this period is luxurious, bright, and fit, entering the post-Baroque era.And the most popular and representative clothing isCamp style shoulder pad set. This design that emphasizes the silhouette of the shoulders is actually to blur the gender attributes, make women look more powerful, show the ambition of a strong career woman, and also representThe rise of women. And shoulder pads are not enough. Women in the 1980s were also extraordinarily exaggerated in makeup, color matching and accessories. Like Simone appeared at every turnRose powder, royal blueThis kind of fluorescent color, earrings and necklaces are also big size, eye shadow and lipstick are exaggerated to the point that few mortals can control it ⬇️ The soul wear film vintage amateur made before, including a set of 1980s style which is a reference to Simone’s style. And Taylor, the elite lawyer from 2018, is based onMotorcycle leather jacketMainly, low-key colors and handsome animal patterns, the overall shape is always too cool, showing Taylor’s skill and professionalism. After reviewing the first season, now it’s time to talk about the second season. The story that is still on the top, as soon as it starts broadcasting, it will screen all the friends of Oou, with a Douban score of 8.7. With strength, it has broken everyone’s worries about “Can a fatal woman without Liu Yuling be fatal?” The second season is a brand new story, and the setting is also in the same time and space——Los Angeles in 1949. So the dress collocation style in the play also reflects40s-50s vintage style, Ou Ou will not be spoiled today, just let’s talk about the clothes inside. The 1950s coincided with the end of World War II, and the American Marshall Plan saved the entire European economy, and the entire society returned to its pre-war luxury, even more unscrupulous. Men all return from the battlefield, women startReturn to familyStartedFor housewife, skirts are the main clothes, and inconvenience is the second, and exquisiteness is the most important. This period is deeply affected byDIOR new lookThe influence of the waist, I love the waist A-line skirt, the overall appearance of the X shape, highlighting the slender waist and wide skirt, like”The Great Mrs. Maisel”There are also many sets in it. The outfits of the ladies and ladies in “Fatal Woman 2″ also reflect the style of the 50s vintage. As the stylist emphasized in the interview”It’s all about the nipped waist.(Tightened waist is the key)”. The dress of each character emphasizes the unique sophistication and elegance of women in this era. The pink set is also very iconic. The three-quarter sleeves are lined with silk gloves. Naturally, it is unnecessary to say that the waist and the hem of the large skirt are exquisite and elegant. Hats in the same color as the clothes, wavy rolls of vintage celebrities, pearl necklaces, etc., are reflected everywhereCelebrity temperament. In addition to the new look trend,Art Deco(Art Deco style)The after-rhyme still exists, especially like to use vines, flowers and other elements. It shows a lot of things in the outfitFlower decoration, lace, floralWait, look at the garden club gathering in the picture below, almost every woman has these elements. Of course, it is not only the ladies and ladies who wear such costumes. Alma, a low-key and non-existent housewife in the early stage, is also upper body.Floral elements. Such elements increase womenGentle and tender charm, Very much in line with the demands of women in this era. In addition to the elements, the choice of colors can also be seen Art DecoShadow. useStrong primary colors and metallic colors, Like red, bright yellow, orange, gold, silver, copper, etc. Especially Rita, the manager of the Garden Club, as the focal point of the crowd, she likes to chooseRed line. Full of gorgeous style, with black gloves, red wide-brimmed hat and red high heels, full of aura! The red dress at the beginning of the first episode is also amazing! ReferenceHollywood golden ageThe style, tube top, waist, slits, show the good figure vividly. Coupled with plush shawls, exquisite handbags, and gorgeous necklaces, it makes a grand debut like a movie star. I really like the jewellery during this period, and the accessories are all usedGolden metals, pearls, gemsWait, it’s very shiny and eye-catching. And it’s well worn, Earrings, necklaces, bracelets,broochand many moreI want to have everything I can wear on my body. Even if one is not enough, I have to overlap it. Now,Stacked pearl necklacesThe trend of fashion is not coming back, sure enough, fashion is a circle! This reminds me”Gentlemen Love Beauty”Marilyn Monroe in here is also added with various big earrings and gorgeous pearl necklaces, and sings “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”. Let alone, the styling of this set is similar to Rita’s appearance. It is estimated that the stylist is the Marilyn Monroe model of reference! Also popular since the 1940sbroochIt also appears in almost every outfit of Rita. Gorgeous red and black printed skirt, matched withShiny gold and diamonds, And the diamond necklace and the diamond ring on the hand complement each other, and she deserves to be a lady! Elegant purple solid color dresses are chicGrape-shaped pearl brooch, Also very consistent with Art Decostyle of. Okay, let’s share so much today. Ou Ou is going to watch the fourth episode. Sisters who are watching dramas and who like vintage style are welcome to come to the comment section and have a chat with Ou~ If you like today’s content, don’t forget to place it boldly”look in”Yeah!