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The Emperor of China and the ‘lottery to choose a town’


In ancient Chinese history, the emperors after Qin Shi Huang (259 – 210 BC) and Han Wudi (156 – 87 BC) both owned about 3,000 beautiful women. Living among the wonderful beauties, each with their own…
Living among the wonderful beauties, each with their own looks, the emperor could not help but have a headache about how to arrange and select people to spend the night.

Legend has it that Tan Vu Emperor Sima Viem (263-290) had countless concubines and beauties. Every night, they didn’t know what to do, ie with whom. He invented a sheep cart and sat on it himself, letting the sheep drag him around the palaces of his concubine. The car stops in front of the palace gate, the emperor will spend the night there. Cards with the names of the concubines for the king to choose the palace. The famous wealthy emperor Duong Huyen Tong Ly Long Co (285 – 762) used another method, he arranged for his concubines to serve him in turn. Whenever emotions ran high, suddenly excited to think of something new, the king called every day a group of concubines into the palace, letting them roll the dice. The person who rolls the best dice will stay in the service of the emperor. Therefore, many officials in the palace often secretly call the dice “the matchmaker of the chisel”. Diameter Tong Ly Tram (809 – 826) also invented “goodbye style” , is the arrow that decides who the king sleeps with tonight. He ordered the user to bend the bamboo bark into a bow, take the paper folded into an arrow, the paper will be impregnated with musk. After calling the concubines, Duong Huyen Tong will shoot a single arrow. Those who hit the arrow will be imbued with this fragrance and spend a beautiful spring night with the king. Until the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), the king’s regulation “lottery” c The concubine meeting before each night of marriage became a clear, regular and relatively strict regime. The apparatus that governs the nightlife of the emperor in the harem is called “Honorable Room” , the person in charge with the highest authority is the eunuch Kinh vien, who is responsible for arranging and recording the sexual life of the emperor and concubine. When the emperor and the queen spent the night together, this eunuch was forced to clearly and detailed records of the day, month, and year as evidence of later conception. The royal concubine and the queen are not the same, each concubine favored by the king has a green visitation card, the eunuch Kinh vien will bring from one to several dozen visit cards with the concubine’s name on a large silver tray, offering to the emperor for dinner. Waiting for the king to finish eating, the eunuch will kneel on the ground, waiting for the emperor “lottery” . At that time, the king will draw a lot and place it on a silver tray. The concubine whose name is engraved on it will be able to spend the night with the emperor. After retreating, the eunuch Kinh will inform the concubine to take a fragrant bath and do all the necessary preparations. When the emperor goes to bed, this eunuch will take off all his clothes and wrap a feather around the concubine, then carry him into the palace of the emperor. This is a safe way to prevent someone from hiding a weapon in their body and bringing it to the palace. After bringing the concubine in, the eunuch Jing will retreat to guard with a few other eunuchs. At the end of the allotted time, the eunuch will shout “Time is up” If the emperor does not answer, he will call again, repeat three times, must carry the other concubine back. At the same time, the eunuch eunuch would still fully record the day, month, and year as evidence of later conception. Pregnancy or not has a great influence on the high and low position of the concubines in the future. In terms of expression, the emperor decides on his own nightlife, but the specific steps range from arranging the location of the visit card, the preparation work, escorting the concubine to mastering the time, keeping records, and Supervisors can use tricks to take advantage of loopholes. The concubines, if they offend the eunuch, are extremely unlucky, so they always try to flatter and bribe this eunuch. Even though the Emperor holds the power to kill and kill, he still has to make some concessions to the eunuch, Respectfully, I hope they “Hold up high and beat softly” with its nightlife. The reason for the regime “lottery” This was maintained because the Qing emperor also considered it possible to clearly check and verify the bloodline of the princes and princesses, which was very important in deciding the selection of a successor. It can be seen that the “lottery” mode to choose non-discrimination is the product of the insatiable adultery of ancient Chinese kings. The non-gods have become toys to solve the emperor’s physiological needs and breeding tools, but in their eyes, this is a lifetime opportunity that is hard to get. This clearly shows the brutality to the extreme of the old feudal system.