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The female model who was advised to cut her legs shows a sexy look that is rare to match


Used to feel ugly and cried a lot because of a deformed leg, but now Mahogany Geter has learned to accept and love herself.
Mahogany Geter, 23 years old, from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA unfortunately suffered from congenital lymphedema.

This is a long-term condition in which excess fluid builds up in the body’s soft tissues, causing Geter’s left leg to swell. There is currently no cure and the excess fluid that accumulates in Mahogany Geter’s legs can only be alleviated by physical therapy and lymphatic drainage massage. According to the The Sun , at one point, her legs weighed up to 45.5 kg, making her total body weight 136 kg. Because of his different appearance, Geter has suffered many injuries. Many malicious people even told her to have her legs amputated to make her look more like a normal person. “When I was young, I felt ugly and cried a lot. Some people said that my legs looked like ham. My classmates called me a ‘deformed child.’ It was difficult to ignore the comments. For a long time, I always felt low on myself, “said Geter. However, as he grew up, Geter gradually learned to accept his own shortcomings. Thanks to her mother’s encouragement and enthusiastic support from the online lymphedema community, Geter has changed her mind, becoming stronger and more confident. “I appreciate what I have. I want to inspire others to learn to accept themselves and realize how beautiful they are. Now, I believe I am beautiful inside and out. I am proud of myself. about what I can do,” Geter emphasized. In March, she was honored to receive an invitation to model for Vogue magazine. In the photo shoots, the American girl wears feminine and sexy outfits. In particular, she is not afraid to reveal a swollen leg in front of the camera. Mahogany Geter also proudly shows off his lymphedema in photos and posted online. “Through social media, I have met a lot of people who support, cheer and accompany me on my journey to health. They are all very nice. Those are not joking or negative comments,” Geter said. to speak. To control her condition, she focuses on massage, applying compression bandages and applying physical therapy. Geter also drinks plenty of water to detox, and avoids salty foods and alcoholic beverages. However, she is prone to severe cellulitis, a skin infection caused by swollen feet, so she is often hospitalized for antibiotic treatment. “I’m not currently working because I’m focusing on keeping my legs from getting too swollen. I spend a lot of time drawing, listening to music and posting content on YouTube,” says Geter. Despite going through difficult times, Geter always encourages herself that she is living a normal life. “I try to be strong and focus on my dream of becoming a model. If I succeed, I will buy my mother a house and take care of the family, and will do everything to raise awareness about this model. Lymphedema,” Geter confidently asserted. Minh Hoa (th)