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The Nature Book – Safe beauty secrets from nature


SPL – Beauty is an essential and legitimate need of women. The current beauty trend has changed in terms of consumer demand and also in the production of beauty products. Consumers around the world prefer natural products, especially organic products. The Nature Book is one of the national cosmetic brands originating from nature trusted by 10,000,000 Vietnamese women.
1. The Nature Book – Beauty care from A – Z

In countless cosmetics containing chemicals that are rampant, have immediate effects but have serious long-term consequences that cause the skin to gradually degrade such as: Large pores, darkened skin, freckles, allergies. …, then The Nature Book is a pioneer brand in research and production of clean cosmetics. Not only stopping at “natural ingredients”, The Nature Book also focuses on strict quality standards. Born in 2016, after nearly 5 years of operation, The Nature Book has a solid foothold in the domestic cosmetics industry with 5 strong commitments: Clean products Safety – Efficiency – Quality. Creativity catches the trend. Provide safe and effective beauty solutions. Environmentally friendly, close to life. Ensure the sustainable cycle of nature. Willing to share benefits with partners, customers and society. The Nature Book clean cosmetics with a wide variety of products from skin care, hair care to body care. Not only ensuring the criteria of Safety – Efficiency – Quality, each product of The Nature Book also has a delicate and convenient packaging design. Sharing with reporters, Ms. LTH said: “In the past, I used many different cosmetics, leading to thin skin, very easy to get hidden acne, gradually becoming inflammatory acne. Skin has many bruises, pitting, but when knowing and using products of The Nature Book, the skin is significantly improved. I was a bit confused at first because there weren’t many changes, but after persistently using it, I was really surprised at the effectiveness of this product. And Ms. NTH, 35 years old in Dong Da, Hanoi shared: “I love using placenta. When I first came to Saigon, I had a lot of dark spots, and I was still very dark and self-deprecating. Now my skin is smooth, no acne, no dark spots. Melasma also fades quite a bit. I feel like this product was born for me. Love it!”. 2. Modern technology imported from Korea Not only is it popular with users for its safe and natural ingredients, but The Nature Book is also scored by the most advanced production process from Korea. Modern equipment, automatic and environmentally friendly production process, ISO 9001, 14001, 22716 certified. In addition, with a team of highly qualified and experienced researchers, The Nature Book also brings Vietnamese users leading beauty trends. 3. Cooperation with Edally EX – High-class skin regeneration cosmetic brand from Korea Hàn Not only stopping at providing beauty products from nature, The Nature Book also expands cooperation with the popular skin regeneration brand Edally EX. Edally EX is researched and developed by a strong team of scientists from Coreána and Cosmax. Imported and exclusively distributed by Hoa Binh Group in Vietnam market with a firm belief for consumers through prestigious international certifications such as: FDA certification (USA Drug and Cosmetic Administration) , Ecocert, KFDA… It can be said that this is the leading skin regeneration product, the solution for damaged skin due to the use of cream mixes or corticosteroids. Extracted from premium and rare natural ingredients combined with Neocell Science technology, Edally EX helps to eliminate toxins under the skin, improve pigmentation, freckles, acne skin care and slow down the aging process . Through long-term research and testing on ingredients and quality, Edally EX is a typical product recommended by the National Institute of Dermatology. Therefore, The Nature Book combined with Edally EX can create a new step in the safe beauty cycle of Vietnamese women. 4. The Nature Book Soc Son branch – Hanoi – The address to supply genuine natural cosmetics of Korean origin Accompanying the top quality products are the worries about counterfeit goods, imitation goods, and poor quality goods. Therefore, consumers need to make wise considerations and choices to own genuine cosmetic sets, avoiding “money and loss”. The Nature Book, Soc Son – Hanoi is one of the addresses providing genuine natural cosmetics of Korean origin, and is a fully licensed franchisee. The stalls here are neatly arranged, beautiful and according to different groups of beauty products. Not only providing for local people, this is also a prestigious address for all Vietnamese women across the country with quality standard products, at very reasonable prices. Contact Info: The Nature Book – Genuine natural cosmetics From Korea Km6 – National Highway 2 – Phu Cuong – Soc Son – Hanoi 0328.334.188 – Huong Ly