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The original Jin Ming has a recent 40-year-old photo, and his face is also difficult to conceal his old state, and his chin is sunken and pitted, which is very popular!


In fact, celebrities will grow old. At a certain age, the whole person will not look so good. Just like Jin Ming is now 40 years old, his face will naturally look old, even if he uses that kind The beauty filter can’t stop it. Now even her chin is sunken and there are many pits. The whole person is more stealthy, and the old one is fast. Compared with before, how could she still be so tender now? Naturally, he will get older.

Jin Ming took a recent 40-year-old photo. Even if his face is dermabraded, it is difficult to conceal the old state, and the chin is sunken in, and even a little bit pit, the whole person is very stealthily. It’s not pretty at all.

Although she used beauty and filters, but the skin condition still looks the same, not very good, mainly because there are more pits on the face, although the current Internet celebrities are particularly beautiful, but they are Still have to have a solid foundation.

Jin Ming wore a black dress, matched with the white primer, which was simple and generous. This black and white match gave people a very simple feeling. And her face really looks very small and delicate.

A pair of black short-sleeved jeans is also pretty good with a pair of jeans. I feel that this color is more white. In fact, her face is still very good-looking. It just means that as she grows older, she is slowly getting older now. a lot of.

When you don’t wear makeup, you will look very simple, and your skin will be a little haggard. I feel that today’s stars can’t bear this kind of aging, and they will gradually become very old-fashioned, not as young and beautiful as before.

I still have to live under the filter and beauty, otherwise it may really get older and older, whether it is Jin Ming or other female stars, they are all like this now. Slowly, the previous state is gone.

Sometimes you still have to rely on makeup, otherwise, the skin looks very sallow, which is not good at all. In fact, these are very normal things, after all, this is a natural law.