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Vietnamese female model pursues a sexy style


Amandine said the secret to helping her look sexy but not too revealing when wearing a two-piece dress is confidence.

Amandine’s Vietnamese name is Thuy Trinh, born in 1992 in Paris, France. She majored in Fashion and worked in Melbourne, Australia. In 2019, she returned to Vietnam to pursue a modeling career. Currently, Amandine lives in HCMC. About fashion style, Amandine shared with Zing that she only buys and wears what she feels like. She always prioritizes comfortable clothes such as T-shirts, jeans, two-piece skirts combined with sports shoes. Besides, Amandine focuses on designing simple clothes, rarely wearing high heels for ease of movement. The two-piece dress is Amandine’s favorite design. She said this hobby stems from the hot weather of the summer in Paris. Models like to combine feminine, cool and casual items such as two-piece skirts with boots or sneakers, oversized shirts with high heels. In terms of skin care, Amandine focuses on three simple steps of cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection. In the evening, the female lead of the MV Hide and Seek always washes her face twice. She revealed to Zing: “Because I have dry skin, I don’t use cream, instead skin oil to clean.” In addition, because she is not used to the climate in Vietnam, the female model always tries to take care of her skin as much as possible with moisturizing products. Amandine’s makeup style follows a simple trend. Every morning, she applies sunscreen, uses concealer under her eyes, curls her eyelashes with eyebrow gel, lipstick and blush. According to the model’s share, blush is an indispensable item when she does makeup. Taking care of her skin, eating vegan food and practicing yoga daily are habits that help Amandine keep her youthful appearance. Every day, she spends from 20 minutes to an hour to practice yoga. As for the diet, Amandine familiarized herself with the vegetarian diet by finding recipes and making it herself. This makes her body lighter, skin and hair also become healthy and beautiful. Accidentally returning to Vietnam after a trip, Amandine feels she needs more time to explore life in her homeland. The reason why the girl born in 1992 stayed in Vietnam longer than planned is because of the chance to become a photo model for fashion brands. She feels lucky for this and tries every day to do well what she wants.