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Vietnamese supermodel Ngoc Quyen launches Ao Dai collection ‘Asian beauty’ in the US


The ‘Asian Stroke’ collection continues the journey of Vietnamese supermodel Ngoc Quyen as a Ao Dai designer, designer and trader in the US.
Vietnamese supermodel Ngoc Quyen used to be very famous in Vietnam before moving to the US in 2014. Since then, she has spent all of her time building her own business while raising her son Jiraiya. four years old.

Ngoc Quyen chooses outstanding colors, bringing youthful and dynamic features to summer such as blue, turquoise, green, light pink, yellow … (Photo: Chau Phu) Currently, Ngoc Quyen is the owner of a cosmetic company in the US, a garment factory in Vietnam. She cherishes many plans to promote traditional ao dai to the world. Previously, Ngoc Quyen had launched vignettes inspired by the beauty of the “Saigon Misses” in the 1960s. In this new collection, she used high quality silk fabrics to brings a pleasant feeling to the wearer. All designs are monochrome, highlighting simplicity but elegance and tradition. The skillful tailoring method helps to enhance the figure, the meticulous seams make the shirt soft, creating charm when moving. The highlight of each shirt is the pearl attachment detail on the neck and sleeve. Ngoc Quyen is dotted, not attached to density, to avoid feeling stuffy and heavy. Ngoc Quyen chose the setting as Chinatown (Chinatown) in Los Angeles to make the photo shoot. This is a neighborhood with many Asians, but most of them are overseas Chinese. Chinatown (Chinatown) in Los Angeles was chosen as the backdrop for the photo shoot. (Photo: Chau Phu) This neighborhood has many small corners arranged with Asian architecture, honoring the beauty of ao dai. Ngoc Quyen said that a lot of foreigners show passion and enjoy her walking in ao dai. The former model shared that the photo location was only about an hour’s drive from where she lived in California, but she and her crew had to get up at 5 o’clock to prepare. She took the initiative in making up, changing outfits and posing with the support of stylish Natalie and photographer Chau Phu. The collection was made by team member Ngoc Quyen at her factory in Vietnam and then moved to the US. Having been residing abroad for many years, under the expression of Ngoc Quyen, the Ao Dai still has lasting value because the beauty, the Vietnamese-spirit charm cannot be mixed with any other outfits.