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Visiting the Everest Base Camp, some people say that this trip is worthwhile, and some people think that the scenery is average and the beauty is not beautiful.


Someone once said that “everyone has a dream of Mount Everest”. This may be a bit exaggerated, but there are indeed many people who want to see the beauty of the world’s highest peak. After traveling by car to Lhasa, Tibet, many friends would choose to spend four more days to visit the Everest Base Camp. After careful planning, our itinerary was shortened by one day. The car is driving along the G219 highway and you will see the arch-style building of “You have entered the Everest National Nature Reserve” close to the Mount Everest Service Center, but it still takes a long way to get to the place where you bought the ticket. There are more than 100 kilometers from the Everest Service Center next to the national highway to the base camp. We are traveling by car. In addition to buying tickets, we also need to buy car tolls. After entering the scenic spot, private vehicles cannot directly reach the base camp. You need to transfer to the bus in the scenic spot at Jingjiao Station. If you live at the foot of Mount Everest at night, you can tell the driver the specific location in advance when you return, and you can get off at the nearest intersection. Since the Everest Base Camp is located in the border area, a border control permit is required to travel here. The border defense permit can be processed in the urban area of ​​Xigaze, and it usually takes about half an hour to get it. It takes about an hour for the car to enter the Mount Everest scenic spot to reach Jingjiao Station. The high-altitude areas along the way, except for the surrounding villages where you can see grass, most of the other locations are very desolate. The circling and curved road is like the intestines in the human body, which is particularly shocking when viewed from a height. Go towards Jingjiao Station and pass the Gaura Pass Observation Deck on the way. The altitude here is more than 5200 meters, because at the same time you can see Makalu, Lhotse, Everest, Cho Oyu, Shishapangma Five snow peaks with an altitude of more than 8000 meters are called “the world’s most spectacular viewing platform”. We entered the mountain in the afternoon. The clouds and fog were relatively heavy, and we could only see the nearby hills and roads. We couldn’t clearly see the true appearance of the five snowy peaks. It was a little regrettable. Mount Everest is 88.886 meters above sea level, and the base camp that tourists can reach is 5200 meters above sea level. There is no vegetation here, only endless gale, dense sand and steep rocks and mountain peaks. Due to the bad weather, we can only vaguely see half of the mountainside of Mount Everest. We originally thought that the base camp was a scientific research base lined with buildings or tents. Only when we came here, we found that it was just a relatively flat and empty hillside. The base camp is the nearest place for ordinary tourists to appreciate the true beauty of Mount Everest and take pictures. The wind is strong because it is a vent. Due to the high altitude, you need to take adequate warmth to stay here, focusing on protecting your head and neck to avoid high resistance caused by strong winds. If you have had high-risk symptoms before going up the mountain, don’t go up the mountain. An unknowing friend asked me “Can ordinary tourists climb Mount Everest?” The answer is of course no. The climatic conditions on the top of Mount Everest are complicated. Only scientific expedition teams, professional mountaineering teams, and professionally trained and reported teams can climb. Moreover, it is necessary to choose seasons with relatively good natural conditions. It is not always suitable to climb the summit. Now that I have come to the base camp, no matter what the scenery is, a few group photos are still necessary. There are two main photo spots in the base camp, one is the survey monument at an altitude of 8844.43 meters (new data has not been updated), the other is the base camp monument at an altitude of 5,200 meters, and there is a sign with the words “318 Must Drive in This Life” on the left, starting from west Sichuan 318 line walking, there are many such brands along the way. Next to Mount Everest Base Camp, there is a Rongbude Temple with an altitude of about 5,300 meters. It is the highest temple in the world. It is hard to imagine that there are temples in such a barren and oxygen-deficient place. We stayed in the village at the foot of Mount Everest for one night, and prepared to leave the scenic spot with regret the next day. Unexpectedly, the visibility was high in the morning. We actually saw the true beauty of Mount Everest and drove the car excitedly all the way to the Wula Pass. I stayed at the viewing platform for half an hour, taking various photos. The light in the morning is soft, and the peaks are particularly serene under the shining of the sun. Is Mount Everest beautiful? In terms of personal feeling, it’s not really good-looking, and it’s not particularly shocking. The main reason is that it’s far away and doesn’t have the feeling of falling directly at the foot of the mountain. From the perspective of scenery alone, it is even better to admire Nanga Bawa in the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, or to admire the Yulong Snow Mountain in the Blue Moon Valley of Lijiang, but some people say that the scenery of Mount Everest is very magnificent and worthwhile. Different people have different opinions on beauty. If there is water embellishment here, I believe it will look much better. No matter what, Mount Everest is here. It is characterized by height and unique king spirit. It is fortunate to see the true face, which will be unforgettable in a lifetime. Special suggestions: Self-driving tours, chartered tours and group tours are better, pay attention to the problem of high reaction, and go according to your ability.