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What material should the curtains use?


According to Mr. Pham Ngoc Tuyen – Tin Tam Curtain Company, curtains are usually made of fabric, there are 2 types of roman and brocade fabric, in which each position can use materials, add other decorative accessories. together.

Installation of curtains for the main door should use brocade or roman fabrics.

For example, the fabric curtains in the living room often use sunscreen brocade material, installed to stretch horizontally. If you want to be more luxurious, you should use a large light-colored chiffon fabric as a cushion so that when you open the door, light will shine in; the window area (small, high area) close to the study table, the dressing table should use roman fabric designed to pull up – down; For large windows, sun protection should still be used. Trends in the market today consumers often prefer fabrics from Taiwan, South Korea … Price will be calculated in the horizontal meter, the height is limited to the height of the apartment from 2 , 8 – 3.2m.

For curtain colors, according to the needs and tastes of customers, the manufacturer offers a lot of different colors on the market, wants a beautiful perspective, suitable for the house. Karma. Experts will give a 3D perspective of the color of the curtains and the color and design of the house. But according to the current trend, families often use single-color fabric curtains with little choice of colorful blended products. luxurious.
“Curtains will create a separate color in interior design, combined with other colors when painting the house will create a perfect space for the house. Choosing curtains seems simple, but users need to have a design understanding, more importantly, the function used for each position “- Mr. Pham Ngoc Tuyen shared.