Home Beauty Why does the same perfume bottle have many different scents?

Why does the same perfume bottle have many different scents?


In the same perfume bottle, you can experience many dissimilar scents on your body.
You do not need to feel disappointed if a scent is not as expected. The following reasons will explain why the same perfume smells differently.

Body condition Factors like skin pH, hormonal balance, acidity, and diet can all affect a fragrance’s aroma. Age, type of sweat, and moisture on the skin are also factors that make a perfume bottle smell different on each body. On hydrated skin, for example, the use of perfume will evaporate more quickly and the fragrance can quickly disappear. Food, the hormone balance also affects the smell of perfume. Photo: PopSugar. Different skin types Differences in skin type greatly affect the scent of the fragrance used. People with dry skin should choose products with strong scents to help keep the ability longer. Alternatively, you can choose perfumes with a pungent scent, from flowers. A layer of moisturizer helps the fragrance to last longer on dry skin. Meanwhile, oily people can use perfumes that have a fruity scent like oranges. You need to be subtle in choosing the right perfume for your skin condition. Photo: India Deets. Clothes deodorant Fabric fragrance spray works to remove unpleasant odors with a refreshing scent. Beautynesia assume that the deodorant has gotten onto clothing and is in direct skin contact. As a result, your body will smell a mixture of perfume and fabric scent spray. So the difference in the fabric fragrance spray could also be the reason everyone’s fragrances smell different. Time to use perfume Perfumes have 3 distinct aroma phases after being applied to the skin. The first stage – first scent – lasts about 15 minutes after spraying and you will smell the surface of the perfume. Middle scent takes place about 2 hours after spraying. You can feel the product’s core fragrance. After 5 hours of use, stage 3 is the base fragrance of the fragrance, which is different from the previous 2 stages and allows the fragrance to continue to emit throughout the day. The perfect fragrance is a product that can last through all 3 of these stages. Photo: WedPro. Environmental conditions You can smell the perfume at the store. But when you buy it, the product has a different aroma from the previous experience you experience. This difference occurs due to environmental conditions. The scent of a perfume can be easily affected by the smell of the soil or where you smell it. So, in 2 different locations, you will experience 2 dissimilar smells even though it’s the same type. The perfume will smell different when you spray it in a different location. Photo: Totally Vegan Buzz.