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10 minutes to destroy biceps fat, no equipment needed, but better than weight training


The truth is that working hard on the buttocks and crunches alone will not make the body as beautiful as it should be, but also need to alternate with back and arm exercises. The 10 minutes below will help you burn upper body fat effectively without training equipment.

Having a peach-shaped butt is what many women dream of. Therefore, many people work hard day and night like taking over the entire youtube to build a tight butt. However, most of them have difficulty: practice is not big. Muscle growth depends on many factors, including nutrition and exercise regimen. Eating enough but doing it wrong is like “abandoning the sea”. A beautiful body needs to be “molded” evenly between the upper and lower body. Muscles also need time to recover to get energy, and overdoing it can be counterproductive. Women who practice at home should alternate between back and hand exercises for uniform development. This flexibility also has the effect of reducing stress caused by repeating a series of exercises and stimulating the spirit of practicing within the 4 walls. The exercises below distribute a large amount of force to the arms, shoulders, back and a little into the abdomen that many people will definitely need. The special feature of this upper body series is that you don’t need any exercise equipment except a phone to return to adjust the technique and a burning spirit. However, the effect obtained is as good as just lifting weights. Note: A 10-minute total will include 14 exercises, each lasting 40 seconds and having 0-5 seconds of rest. You need to warm up 5 minutes before starting the set to avoid muscle tension. C-rotation Stand up straight and spread your arms wide, palms facing up, and make a C-shaped arm movement. Wall Push Up Next, you do push-ups against the wall, paying attention to take a deep breath to keep your back straight when supporting and feel the triceps and mid-back muscles work. Forward – Backward Pause Stand up straight and do an outstretched, forward swing. After 40 seconds, switch to slapping backwards without stopping. The more you speed up the rhythm, the more energy you burn. Arm Wing & Arm Squeeze You bend your knees and slightly lean forward at a 45-degree angle, then perform clapping backwards, the more definitive the movement, the better. At the end of 40 seconds, continue to clap your hands around their backs. Your arms and shoulders will be very tired at this point. Around The World Simply understanding the movement of this movement is that you straighten your arms and bring your hands up and down. Full Extension Following the above movement is the hand movement up, to the side and out in front of you at right angles. Following this move, you will have 5 seconds to rest and then do the Wall Push Up move for 40 seconds. You will feel quite tired but do not give up because this is the time when the energy is burned high. Double Pulse & Criss Cross You prepare the person in the kneeling position as above and put your palms down, alternately raise your hands up and hit back. After 40 seconds, change to a cross-arm movement similar to cutting scissors. Up-down Pulse You will have 5 seconds to rest before starting Up Pulse. Turn your palms up and extend your arms back up. At the end of 40 seconds, continue to put your palm down and clap in a downward motion. You can slow down, but don’t give up because there’s only 1 exercise left. Arm Circles Stand wide and spread your arms, alternating arms in a circular motion. Watch the full tutorial video here.