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Adele shocked with a zoomed image of her face, wrinkled, sagging, wrinkled eyes due to sudden weight loss, making fans feel sorry.


Adele’s beauty increasingly slows down after losing weight, making netizens extremely worried about the health status of “ Painter Anh ”.
Late last year, Adele shocked with the transformation after losing 45kg in a short time. Although losing weight makes the female singer’s body slimmer and more attractive, it cannot be denied that Adele’s skin is no longer as smooth as before. She continued to face another challenge, recovering her skin from a sudden weight loss in just a few months.

The latest image posted by Adele proves that her chestnut skin is no longer as healthy and shiny as before. Although he was only 33 years old, his face “painted eyelashes” revealed wrinkles, sagging skin, and the eye area full of aging traces. It is difficult for the audience to recognize this decrepit woman as a vibrant female singer every day. Although Adele shared that she is still happy and loves herself, the fans still ask the singer to take care of her health more. Adele’s sagging skin full of wrinkles makes Adele a dozen years old, who can believe that this year the female singer is only 33 years old After losing 45 kg, Adele had to pay the price with severely degraded skin, no longer smooth and rosy like before. “Painter Anh Anh” is often said to lack vitality compared to when he was chubby After the shocking weight loss, Adele often caused fever with a youthful charm However, the audience shared that they still preferred Adele’s previous appearance Before that, the audience was too familiar with the image of a chubby female singer possessing an emotional inner voice. After losing weight, a series of chubby photos of the singer suddenly became hot again. Many netizens admit that they miss the charming and kind Adele before Before that, Adele had a plump body, but her skin was smooth and vibrant with vitality.