Home Beauty adidas introduces new TechFit training pants for ‘menstrual’ days

adidas introduces new TechFit training pants for ‘menstrual’ days


adidas introduces new TechFit training pants for ‘menstrual’ days
adidas officially launched a new line of TechFit menstrual tights with breathable wicking and spill-proof support to help women always work out confidently even on red light days.

Through research, adidas found that more and more teenage girls stopped exercising when their period came, and one of the main reasons was the fear of overflowing periods. Understanding that, adidas has begun researching and creating training pants that provide an additional layer of protection to help women comfortably practice at their best. Utilizing the new adidas Flow Shield technology, the training pants feature absorbent layers and a thin film for superior spill resistance. Breathable wicking, moisture-wicking, and spill-resistant layers combine to provide maximum protection, while the bonding frame holds the layers together and helps keep the pants in place to prevent damage skewed. adidas has partnered with Dr. Georgie Bruinvels, a leading scientist in the field of sports research, and frontline gym teachers to create a repository of useful training materials and lesson plans that support educators. Teachers, parents, and girls in puberty have a better understanding of how to navigate the menstrual cycle. Famous athletes will also participate in sharing their own practice and competition experiences during the red light days to inspire women around the world to practice. Posts: Beautiful News