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Broken ‘cutlery’: The suffering of the patient and the difficulty of the doctor


Many people often think that a broken nose is easy to fix because just removing the silicone and cutting the damaged eyelid is very difficult to fix. However, is it really that simple?

Plastic surgery was born for the purpose of creating beauty and curing low self-esteem for those who are unlucky. Anyone who comes to this method wants to become more beautiful and perfect than the old version. However, on social networks, there are often many cases of broken “cutlery” that make many people panic. Some common “call for help” phenomenon is a deviated, crooked or retracted nose after rhinoplasty plastic surgery. In some cases, the bridge of the nose is lowered, the tip of the nose is swollen and even punctured, and the filler material comes out. Or worse, it’s nasal necrosis. As for the cases of eyelid surgery, the error that even an amateur can identify is the condition of the eye on the left side of the eye. Some are even more “horrible” than being unable to close their eyelids. The patient himself suffered a lot of pain and suffering to go online to ask for help and correct the mistake, but the doctor receiving the repair also received a lot of pressure. Because repairing is always more difficult than creating. Join TS.BS. Nguyen Duy Huan is currently working at the Department of Plastic Surgery, Vietnam Cuba Hospital to better understand the “correction” of this patient. How is plastic surgery nose and eyes damaged, doctor? Rhinoplasty and eye surgery, which side has more damage and why? It is often said that once the parts are cut, it is difficult to grow back. For example, cutting eyes or opening corners of eyes, once damaged, can it still be fixed? Women now no longer follow the fashion of opening the corners of their eyes, but opening the tails of their eyes. Can you tell me more about this cosmetic therapy? Repairing a damaged nose due to lifting and a nose with birth defects, cleft palate, is the dissection and repair technique the same? What’s the hardest nose job you’ve ever seen? People often think that doctors are people with “nerves of steel”, each incision or suture is very definitive. So, have you ever encountered such difficult cases, did the doctor feel pressured? What advice do doctors have for women? Before making the decision to have plastic surgery, you should choose a doctor who has real expertise: a minimum of 18 months’ license but the longer the better. Besides, you should also rely on the successful surgery of that doctor through pictures (long-term follow-up), friend referrals or real images you meet in life. The doctor must advise you from the beginning, directly operate and clearly explain the possible risks and the results in the most realistic way. Performing a simple rhinoplasty, many doctors can do it, but not many doctors can fix the crooked nose and birth defects. Therefore, you should not believe too much in advertising.