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Choose the right face wash for acne-prone, rough skin


Choosing the right cleanser for hidden acne skin is the most important thing in skin care steps. By properly cleaning the skin will help prevent and limit hidden acne from appearing.

Choosing the right face wash for hidden acne skin is the most important thing To choose the right type face wash for acne-prone skin First of all, it is necessary to know what is hidden acne, its causes as well as the principles of cleaning and skin care for hidden acne. What is hidden acne? Hidden acne is a type of acne with a nucleus located deep inside the hair follicle, which does not cause swelling or inflammation, but is raised to make the skin rough and not smooth. Although hidden acne is not as dangerous as cystic acne or pustules, it is easy to cause stress because it is difficult to treat completely, causing rough skin and large pores. Causes of hidden acne There are many causes of hidden acne such as poor hygiene, using a lot of cosmetics, hormonal disorders, but the most important one is still not clean skin. In skin care steps, cleaning the skin is the most basic and important step, but many people neglect it. If the face is not clean, sebum, dirt and makeup still accumulate under the pores, creating conditions for bacteria to penetrate deep into the skin, increasing the risk of hidden acne. Hidden acne is a type of acne with a nucleus located deep inside the hair follicle Cleansing principles for hidden acne skin 1. Remove makeup Many people think that only when wearing makeup, it is necessary to remove makeup. The truth is that if you don’t wear makeup, you don’t need to remove makeup every day, but you still need to remove makeup 2-3 times a week, to remove dirt and sebum from the skin. If you use sunscreen, you should remove makeup daily. Because some ingredients in sunscreen can stick to the skin, it is difficult to clean with a cleanser. 2. Use the right cleanser With hidden acne and acne skin, you should avoid cleansers that contain soap to create a feeling of tightness. Because these cleansers strip away the natural protective film on the skin, making the skin dry and tight. After a short time, about 1-2 hours, the skin will pour more oil to rebalance, because it is misunderstood as being dry. Therefore, in order to prevent the skin from becoming more oily, it is recommended to use a mild, soap-free cleanser with a balanced pH (about 5.5, – 6.5). You should wash your face about twice a day, if your skin is sweaty and oily, wash it again. pH balanced cleanser safe for all skin types 3. Use toner Using an alcohol-based toner helps to deep clean, antibacterial, using an alcohol-free toner helps balance the pH of the skin, moisturizes the skin better. After washing your face, you should soak the toner on a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face to clean your skin. 4. Moisturize the skin Every skin needs moisturizing, even oily and acne-prone skin. Adequate moisturizing helps to replenish water and necessary nutrients, the skin will be healthy and resilient, the pores on the skin surface are always dry, helping the skin not be “suffocated”. Adequate moisturizing helps skin to be healthier, prevents inflammation Lenka – Facial cleanser for hidden acne skin Lenka is one of the dermatologist-recommended facial cleansers. The outstanding feature of Lenka facial cleanser is that it is soap-free, non-foaming, fragrance-free, and non-irritating to the skin. Lenka helps to gently clean, without stripping the skin’s natural protective film, helping the skin retain the necessary moisture. Therefore, Lenka does not cause dryness of the skin, nor does it make the skin greasy and clog pores. Lenka gentle cleanser has a balanced pH (6.5) so it is safe for all skin types, from dry, oily, sensitive skin to hidden acne. You can use Lenka instead of makeup remover cream, just apply milk to the skin, gently rub a few times and then use a cotton pad to wipe the excess milk on the skin with dirt. Then wash your face with Lenka cleanser and water thoroughly. This double cleansing method helps to clean the skin, effectively reducing acne. Consistently applying daily skin care measures will help reduce and prevent hidden acne from recurring, making skin smoother and younger. Lenka Facial Cleanser – A dermatologist-recommended product Features of Lenka gentle cleanser: pH balanced, soap-free, non-foaming, fragrance-free, non-irritating formula. Safe for all skin types: dry, oily, thick, thin, sensitive. Reduces dryness, pigmentation, freckles, acne. Gentle cleansing, does not take away the natural protective film of the skin to help the skin retain the necessary moisture, avoiding dry skin. Doesn’t make skin greasy, won’t clog pores Can be used in place of makeup remover. Number of Certificate of Advertising Content: 2672/2017/XNQC-YTHCM See more about the product: https://nhatnhat.com/lenka.html