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Difficult to understand like Trieu Lo Tu: Normal style is very good, but on the red carpet, ‘drought’


When Trieu Lo Tu chose his own clothes, everyone complimented her beauty, youthfulness and fashion, and the stylist outfit prepared for her on special occasions could not be complimented.

Trieu Lo Tu is not only a plump face; pretty, expressive; is cute but also has a very good fashion sense. These set Her everyday clothes are always praised for their simplicity, youthfulness, but still eye-catching. Trieu Lo Tu likes a liberal style with sweatshirts, sweaters and chiffon skirts, combined with sports shoes. set It is both comfortable and sweet. Trieu Lo Tu’s style is very diverse, sometimes soft and feminine with long skirts, sometimes energetic and energetic. Netizen I like to see Trieu Lo Tu with a personality version like this, very different from the character she usually plays. Trieu Lo Tu color schemes are also very eye-catching, even when the entire dark color scheme is still in harmony, not feeling old. This set of clothes is only elegant, but Trieu Lo Tu still stands out by choosing very smart clothes, wearing layer layers without getting tangled. She especially suits the vibrant sweet candy color, looks even more cute and cute. Trieu Lo Tu is just as pretty as a hydrangea flower in this blue-toned blouse. Occasionally, she also changes direction to dress boldly with the shirt crop-top Show off slim waist. If style Trieu Lo Tu’s daily life is commended the more he attends the red carpet costume. Out of the white dress that does not accentuate to too simple loose hair. Every C-Biz event is an opportunity for Chinese stars to show their most splendid shapes, but Trieu Lo Tu is always stylist Prepare for clothes that are too faded for the red carpet. From color to style there is nothing special. Even Trieu Lo Tu was drowned in set clothes that didn’t suit her like this, making her small stature disappear. Or this dress isn’t bad, but it’s too mature while Trieu Lo Tu has a pretty image. Once again, a stylist coordinated show turned Trieu Lo Tu into an auntie on stage. The stylist’s ideas will be praised when giving Trieu Lo Tu a pink dress with flowing back flaps. But Trieu Lo Tu does not have a tall body with long legs, so he does not respect this design.