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Favorite sport of Khanh Van and Miss Universe 2020


Khanh Van and Miss Mexico Andrea Meza prefer to build a beautiful and healthy body with boxing.

Prepare for Miss Universe 2020 Khanh Van spends a lot of time exercising. In addition to gym, the beauty born in 1995 also pursues boxing. Khanh Van shared that she almost became a victim of abuse. “I find ways to not feel afraid anymore. I have to know how to protect myself with skills. From there, I decided to go to boxing,” she said. Not only Khanh Van, Miss Universe 2020 – Andrea Meza – also practices this subject. The beauty wrote on her personal page: “Does anyone like boxing? I want to get all the energy with a good workout”. Miss Khanh Van, Miss Universe Andrea Meza train physically and physically with boxing. Photo: Nguyen Tran Khanh Van, Andrea Meza. Benefits of boxing Reduce stress: According to the Man Of Many Boxing (boxing) is an effective way to relieve stress. Stress has a bad effect on physical health. This can be reduced by punches in boxing. Boxing also helps improve cardiovascular health, mental health, strength and many other effects. Miss Khanh Van said to Zing : “I love exercise, so I choose boxing or sports with strong training intensity. From the day I learned boxing, I noticed that my muscles are much more flexible and supple. showing a series of punches helps me relieve stress very well.” When you throw a series of punches or kicks at high intensity, you don’t have time to worry about work or other matters. Even during rest, you will focus on recovering physically and mentally preparing for the next round. Comprehensive muscle development: Boxing isn’t just about training your arm muscles. It also promotes core muscle development. To create speed and power in your punches, you need to use your hips. This requires intense work of the internal and external oblique abs. Boxing has many benefits for mental and physical health. Photo: Superprof. Boxing is also very effective in developing the anterior molar muscles (located near the intercostal muscles). This muscle group contributes to creating a beautiful and masculine chest. The front teeth are often referred to as boxer muscles because they tend to develop this muscle group the best. Long punches in boxing help strengthen the front teeth. In addition to fighting, boxing can also be practiced with sandbags. Most boxing sandbags weigh at least 100 pounds. When punching or kicking the sandbag hundreds of times, it requires the upper body, lower body and core area to interact together. From there, bring the benefit of improving total body strength. Improve heart health: We are often advised to do cardio for a healthy heart, burn calories and maintain weight. Cardio is not only conducted on treadmills and bicycles. Boxing is also one of the best cardio exercises. Boxers often have excellent physical strength, endurance, and endurance. Boxing creates full-body movement, powerful impact on the heart and lungs. There aren’t any muscles that don’t work when you box. The heart and lungs are forced to work harder to deliver oxygenated blood to the muscles. Heart rate increases during exercise to maintain high intensity of continuous punches and kicks. If running becomes boring, boxing is the ideal change to your cardio. Effects of boxing on women According to the Women UK Home Boxing is an effective solution to help women burn calories and keep fit. Besides improving strength, increasing muscle and cardiovascular health, boxing also burns excess fat. Personal trainer and boxing Jay Revan in London (UK) emphasized: “Boxing will definitely have a positive impact on your life”. Many people say that boxing is an upper body exercise. In fact, it works the muscles of the whole body. To build strength in boxing, you don’t just rely on your shoulders, chest, or arms. If done correctly, you also optimize the strength in your legs to drive punches. Boxing helps women lose excess fat and tone the whole body. Boxing also benefits core areas like the abs, hips, and lower back. Strong core muscles create conditions for women to increase endurance. In addition, it also contributes to improving posture and accuracy of daily movements, avoiding injury. Boxing improves strength and confidence for women. Photo: GoodFon. Besides losing weight and building muscle, boxing also helps women improve their mental health. Miss Khanh Van pursues boxing to overcome her fear after a failed abuse accident. She emphasized that boxing brings her health and defense skills. Boxing makes women feel strong and confident in and out of the ring. Sandbag punching is also a great stress reliever, allowing you to let go of all your worries, worries, and negative thoughts. Boxing provides women with certain self-defense skills. This builds confidence, as well as helps the girls handle situations that require self-defense. The series of attacks, dodges and footwork in boxing are great ways to improve confidence. Boxing pushes your limits, increasing your physical and mental endurance. Notes when practicing boxing Boxing carries many different forms of training. You can practice fighting with a trainer. Punch a sandbag at the sports center or get a sandbag and practice at home. At the fighting boxing class, you will be provided with the necessary equipment to perform a variety of punching and kicking techniques. Choose loose sports clothes, good sweat absorption. For women, girls should buy tights and sports bras with a well-fitted design to create a comfortable feeling. The right outfit helps you stay focused on your coach’s instructions, as well as on the attack. When practicing boxing, a pair of specialized boxing gloves is indispensable. Before each training session, the important thing that should not be overlooked is the warm-up. Warm up warms up the body, prevents injury and supports better muscle growth. Perform warm-up with basic movements such as turning shoulders, forearms, wrists, combining jumping in place and push-ups. Follow the instructions of a professional trainer when getting acquainted with boxing for the first time. For home boxing practice, hang the sandbag in an open space. As you throw your punch towards the sandbag, use all your strength while making sure your wrists, hands, and arms are in a straight line. Avoid bending the wrist, the knuckles up – down because it is easy to cause injury.