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Ho Ngoc Ha shows off her belly without excess fat, it’s still excellent to practice at home


Vbiz’s famous mother-of-three blew away her fat belly even though she only practiced at home.
As the entertainment queen, Ho Ngoc Ha also inevitably gained weight or changed her body after giving birth. However, the mother of three is always aware of the exercise to regain her spring shape with exercises from the gym, yoga or meditation.

As soon as the baby is strong, Ho Ngoc Ha begins to return to her daily exercise regimen every morning or afternoon. She spends about 2 hours to perform the movements correctly at home. Sometimes it’s exercise with resistance bands, rubber balls, dumbbells… Recently, Ho Ngoc Ha proudly showed off her flat belly without any excess fat. The figure of the entertainment queen is now more beautiful and plump than before. She shared that she was very happy because she saw the results of her training, it is true that there are different exercises. After giving birth, the entertainment queen also has a fat belly like anyone else, but she still works very hard to practice and update every day for women to refer to. Recently, the entertainment queen cleverly showed off her belly without any excess fat, even firmer and more beautiful than before. She trains hard every day for about 2 hours to burn energy and reshape her figure. The mother of three takes advantage of the time to practice and then take care of her children and work. She exercises with heavy weights and complex movements to get in shape as quickly as possible. Ho Ngoc Ha combines many subjects such as gym, yoga, and running so as not to be bored in each training session. During the epidemic, she only stayed at home, and besides taking care of her children, she spent a lot of time practicing sports. This is the right time for everyone to slow down, take care of their health, body and beauty after days of hustle and bustle with busy work. In addition, Ho Ngoc Ha also has a reasonable diet, she said that when she eats normally in the morning and noon to night, Kim Ly only gives her a simple meal with fruit and yogurt. It is the exercise that has brought the benefits of perfect physique and appearance to the famous mother of three children Vbiz. Ho Ngoc Ha also does not forget to take care of her skin and hair… She said that even at home, women must pay attention to the following 3 skin care steps to avoid dry skin in the summer like today. The first is to remember to spray mineral water to moisturize the skin regularly so that the skin does not dry and peel. Apply the mask twice a week to provide nutrients and brighten the skin to make the skin more smooth and ruddy. Even at home, Ha Ho advises you to apply sunscreen evenly and enough, to avoid dust and sunlight or lights when indoors. The entertainment queen confidently showed off her figure in delicate sets. She takes very good care of her skin and has a very reasonable diet. The mother of three also has a detox regime to remove toxins from the body to stay healthy and beautiful. Ho Ngoc Ha is now even more beautiful than before, preparing to attack Vbiz after the epidemic.