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How to prevent finger tattoos from fading?


You should apply sunscreen to the tattoo in this location to avoid fading.
According to the Tattooaholic , the 5 fastest fading tattoo locations are arms, hands, feet, face and fingers.

Not only are your hands exposed to the sun more than other parts of the body, but they are also prone to fading from daily rubbing and activity, according to Tiny Tattoo Inc . In addition, you often use your hands to do everything, have to wash them often. Therefore, if you have a tattoo on your finger, it will fade faster than other parts of your body. However, you can slow down the fading by taking care of this position. Hands are a popular tattoo location. Photo: The Australian. Thorough care Tiny Tattoo Inc said, if you decide to get a tattoo on your finger, care will begin immediately after it is done. This healing process lasts about 6 weeks when your skin is most vulnerable. This is when tattoos are susceptible to environmental factors and body movements that cause them to fade. When you finish your tattoo session, make sure you keep the tattoo covered for at least 8 hours. Next, you carefully remove the bandage, wash the tattoo with warm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap. After that, you dry with a soft towel, absolutely do not rub or scratch. Finally, you apply a moisturizer intended for post-tattoo care. According to the Cosmopolitan The general rule of thumb when looking for a tattoo lotion is that it’s unscented, soothing, and moisturizing the area. Most finger tattoos are designed in the form of thin strokes. Photo: Nahmoojungwon. During the first 2 weeks, you need to cover the new ink stain as much as possible to avoid sunlight, dust and dirt. During this time, apply moisturizer at least twice a day or more. After this point, you avoid wearing jewelry on that finger, keep the finger clean and sufficiently moist. When you notice that the ink has come off, use sunscreen every day. Do finger tattoos hurt? Finger tattoos hurt more than other parts of the body. Because there is less muscle and fat around the finger, the needle of the tattoo machine will work directly into the bones and joints of your fingers. In addition, the hand is also a concentration of sensory nerves, which control our perception of pain. These nerves combine with thin skin and less fat to create a more painful tattoo experience. Because the nerves are concentrated mainly in the hands, this position will be more painful if tattooed than other parts. Photo: Weheartit. Another factor that contributes to the level of pain you will feel during the tattooing process is time. Hand tattoos are not large, except for designs that extend up the finger or down the wrist, but they often take a long time to complete. According to tattoo expert Astris Elisabeth, handwork requires high precision. In addition, this position is small and uneven, making it difficult to move the tattoo needle. 5 beautiful tattoo positions for beginners These are the ideal suggestions for the first tattoo.