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How to use the Wellderma Cleansing Fish cleanser


Thanks to the lovely design and affordable price, Wellderma becomes the favorite item of many people.
Wellderma Cleansing Fish is a good, cheap face washing machine, selling very well on online stores.

How to use a Wellderma fish face washer Step 1: Wet your face. If you have makeup, use makeup remover to remove cosmetics from your skin. Step 2: Apply cleanser to the skin or apply directly to the Wellderma washing machine, both are okay. However, the first way to help cleanse the skin better. Step 3: Press the power in the middle to start the machine. Gently glide on the skin in a circular pattern, from inside to outside, from bottom to top for 1 minute. Move evenly on the face including cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Each place should only clean for 10 – 15 seconds. You can increase or decrease the vibration mode with 2 +/- buttons on the device. You also avoid pressure, just move gently on the skin. Do not use for longer than 2 minutes to avoid skin irritation. Step 4: Wash your face with clean water. Because Wellderma Cleansing Fish does not have a self-disconnecting function like high-end face washers, you should watch 1 – 2 washing your face, then press the power button to turn off the machine. Step 5: Finally, you proceed with the normal skin care steps. Step 6: If you need a massage, press the start button and use the back of the machine to massage your facial muscles. If you want to lift muscles, use the “metal tail” of the washing machine. When you massage, lift your facial muscles, remember to move to the skin near the corner of the eye, the sides of the nose and under the chin to promote the effect. You can also use the back to “spread evenly” the lotion and serum soak evenly into the skin. By applying the essence to the skin, then turn on the machine and use the rear wave pattern to massage the skin. Thanks to the sound wave vibration technology, the device will push the essence into the skin, more effectively than using your hands! After using the Wellderma washing machine, remember to clean it thoroughly. How to clean the Wellderma Cleansing Fish It is completely wrong to think that cleaning the face is not necessary. In fact, after washing the face, although more or less there are impurities such as dirt, cleanser residue can stick to the silicon spike surface of the machine. Failure to sanitize regularly will create opportunities for bacteria to grow. On the other hand, when the washing machine is not clean, the cleaning process is ineffective but also pushes bacteria into the skin. Therefore, in addition to cleaning the face, pay attention to cleaning the washing machine. Here are 4 steps to clean your face: Step 1: Put a quantity of cleanser on the surface of the device and then apply it with your hands to create foam Step 2: Use a toothbrush or a special brush to clean each silicon spike within 1-2 minutes Step 3: Rinse the surface of the washing machine with water, pay attention to this step, wash it thoroughly to completely remove the cleanser foam. Step 4: Use a soft cloth or cotton pad to gently pat dry the water on the washing machine and then leave it in a cool, dry place. So with only 4 simple steps to clean Wellderma washing machine, to be ready for the next wash. Some notes when using Wellderma washing machine Do not share Wellderma Cleansing Fish with anyone. Also not recommended for skin areas other than the face. For sensitive skin, do not use the Wellderma facial cleanser because the spines are quite hard. You should choose the best face washers today such as Emmie, Halio, Pebble Lisa, … will feel the smoothness. The selling price is also quite cheap, from 300,000 VND to 700,000 VND. For more advanced, use Foreo, Artistry, Lumispa, Juvera, … Every day you should only use Wellderma face washers 2 times: morning and night. Do not exceed 2 minutes at a time to avoid irritating the skin. Why can’t the Wellderma Cleansing Fish wash machine on / off? There are 2 reasons why the Wellder washing machine does not turn on / off. The first is your machine has been damaged, in water or has a circuit. Second, you may have bought the wrong fake face washer, a fake Wellderma brand. Due to its low price, the Wellderma washing machine is water resistant for only 3 minutes. The finish is not high, especially the rear charging hole does not have a lid, easy to absorb water inside. Therefore, right from the time you buy it, you should charge it right away. Then, using clear tape, re-glue this position. If the machine is exposed to water, or the circuit is contacted, it cannot be repaired. If you buy the wrong goods, the poor quality you will also face the same situation. On / off is not possible. To buy a genuine Wellderma washing machine, you should choose a reputable place to buy, many of you choose. Also know how to distinguish real and fake when purchased. Just check the barcode to know immediately. Hope the above shares help you know how to use Wellderma washing machine right from the moment you buy it. See more articles about face washers at https://medayroi.com/suc-khoe-lam-dep/ to get the most useful information during skincare.