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Phuong Oanh gained weight and lost her waistline 54cm


Despite gaining up to 6kg to play the role of Nam in The Taste of Friendship, Phuong Oanh still received many compliments from fans.

After the role of Quynh Doll in the movie of the same name, Phuong Oanh suddenly became one of the most sought-after beauties in the VTV Universe. Recently, when incarnating as Nam in the movie Flavor of Friendship, Phuong Oanh continued to attract internet waves. Partly because she changed the direction of menly and her personality was different from her previous roles, partly because she had to gain 6kg to match the character’s shape. Leaving the image of a charming beauty with a slim Vline chin, Phuong Oanh in the role of Nam again impresses with short hair and a cute chubby face. Because of the increase of 6kg, of course, the beautiful body of Quynh Doll is also fuller than before. However, the actress’s body shape is still very attractive to fans. Even, in an article “consultation” about whether she should regain her former hot curves with a 54cm waist, a series of public reactions simultaneously said that 8X beauties do not need to reduce. scales. Even many people like her current “super-round” body more than 3. Indeed, just looking at the series of photos that Phuong Oanh has just released recently, the unanimous decision to support the girl who did not lose weight is the right decision. Phuong Oanh released a set of photos of mermaid underwater. In a few moments, the actress’s full chest appeared and the actress’s full third bust took over. After a while engrossed in watching Nam menly and his personality on the film, the extremely sexy new image of the beautiful 8X makes many people excited. It can be said that Phuong Oanh is one of the rare Vbiz beauties advised by the online community to gain weight. Because compared to when she owns a 54cm waist, the current plump and energetic appearance of the beautiful Quynh Doll is much more attractive and young. It is known that, despite gaining 6kg when participating in Taste of Friendship and being teased for “the pork chop”, only the first and third round of the beautiful people increased in size significantly, while the waistline remained the same. At present, Phuong Oanh owns the first and third round of nearly 100 cm. It is this that helps her to be considered as one of the undefeated fiery beauties of “VTV Universe”. Only showing off her misty figure, but the actress’s S-curve was clearly visible. It can be said that gaining weight without affecting the waist measurement is very difficult. Surely, in addition to practicing persistently to always keep the standard waist measurement, Phuong Oanh also has to pay great attention to the diet every day. And if you are also looking for a way to “size” your bust 1 and 3 but keep or reduce your waistline, here are the secrets you can pursue: – Eat foods to increase round 1 If you want to own breasts that are full of life and full of vitality, you should invest in a special diet. Accordingly, the foods you should add more to your daily menu are soybeans, papaya, grapefruit, milk, legumes… These are all food sources of nutrients needed to increase breast size. seductive. Eating right will help the measurement of the breast to develop as desired. – Wear a latex belt for a slim waist To have a slim waist while not affecting the 1st and 3rd busts, you can consider investing in belly wraps with a belt. This method easily helps women with a small waist, with a clear S-curve, and at the same time push the amount of fat down to make the 3rd round more enlarged. Wearing latex belts correctly and takes a long time to bring high efficiency. However, the results are extremely satisfying when you can have both an ant waist, a beautiful curve and a straight back. – Practice “size” round 3 Owning an extremely sexy butt is not difficult, as long as every 3 days a week, you can apply the following exercises for about 15-20 minutes. Exercise 1: Squat – squat weight lifting: This is an exercise that works most of the lower body muscle groups, buttocks and lower back. Lesson 2: Walking lunge – practice the first step. Lesson 3: Barbell Hip Thrusts – hips push barbells. Lesson 4: Stiff Legged Deadlift – squat and pull weights. Lesson 5: Bulgarian Split Squats – standing with one leg with double dumbbells.