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Sad as MisThy: 7 days of dieting like Victoria’s Secret menu, the ending ‘hates the whole world’


MisThy applied a diet like Victoria’s Secret models for 7 days, the ending made the streamer just want to be ‘angry to the world’.
Having dreamed of owning a body like Victoria’s Secret models, MisThy excitedly applied a very “healthy & balanced” diet for 7 days. It is known that the regime of “angels” helps to reduce fat when using completely natural, unprocessed foods such as eggs, milk, nuts, chicken, fish…

Before that, MisThy was happy to announce the results after eating time eat clean reduced from 53kg to 49.6kg. Female streamer more and more hope that the 7-day process of applying the Paleo diet – the menu name for Victoria’s Secret models – will help me own a perfect body. MisThy is excited about the Victoria’s Secret diet. She updates every meal of the 7 days in Vlog . The first morning, the menu was quite easy for MisThy when eating 2 eggs, 1 tomato and half an avocado. After that, have a salmon salad for lunch and at night it’s a bit difficult to drink a chicken breast smoothie. Review of the menu Paleo , Misthy confidently declared: “The menu of Victoria’s Secret sisters is easy to play and easy to win” . However, she also had to “grim” when she had to eat kiwi because she did not like this fruit, or the noodle dish mixed with peas had a rather bland taste. MisThy updates each meal according to the Paleo menu. The moment of both excitement and suspense finally came, that was when MisThy ended 7 days of eating the menu of the world’s supermodels. The moment when stepping on the scale is not as expected, even makes women streamer As if wanting to “hate the whole world” because not only did not lose weight but from 49.6kg… increased to 49.8kg. “For some reason, following Victoria’s Secret people got sick and I gained 2 pounds. I eat exactly what is in there.” , female streamer impotent. Before and after applying the Victoria’s Sceret menu of MisThy. When listening to MisThy share about the weight loss process, a friend even joked that the previous kimchi meal had caused so much effort to lose weight. MisThy is also “bitter” to draw conclusions after 7 days of eating fat loss according to her menu Victoria’s Secret: “Now I understand that not everyone can become a supermodel”. MisThy’s share quickly attracted many interested people. Although she “failed” after 7 days on the diet, many fans comforted her streamer unsuccessful weight loss still beautiful and cute. In addition, there are also many netizen Humorously pointed out that MisThy’s “wrong” was not combined with exercise, so there was such a heartbreaking ending: “How can you lose weight by dieting without exercise”, “Without exercise, sister”, “Maintaining a long-term diet and practicing yoga or gym will become a supermodel”… In fact, because each person’s body is different, there are many difficult cases like MisThy when applying a weight loss diet but experiencing “side effects” of surprising weight gain. However, everyone should not forget that beauty still has to go hand in hand with health, avoiding too much fasting or abstinence can easily lead to exhaustion.