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Signs that you are losing weight effectively


Some daily changes can make you realize that your weight loss process is succeeding or failing.
According to the CNN , sometimes people will find the body healthy, satisfied with the goals achieved during exercise. However, you do not see weight loss when stepping on the scale.

In the process of maintaining a fit body, you should keep an eye on your goals and track your progress. But weight loss isn’t the only sign of success. In fact, there are many other positive signs you can look for when working out. Loose pants or a bra that retracts a notch are signs that the body is losing weight. Photo: Unplash. Losing weight helps the body feel satisfied. However, physical exercise can improve mood, relieve stress. Meanwhile, losing weight takes time. Pants are getting wider Do you have pants that feel tight every time you wear them? Try it on after a long workout to see the change. Looser pants can be a sign that you are losing fat and gaining muscle. If weight loss is your main goal, you should aim for exercises that work your core muscles. After a while, the waist and abdomen will be firmer. However, these exercises may not bring about a change in weight. Exercises that work the core muscle group (abdomen) lead to muscle growth. Meanwhile, it did not lead to a noticeable change in weight. Therefore, pay attention to details such as pants that are widening. Tighter bra straps If you can hook your bra straps a notch tighter than before, you’re probably making progress with your workout routine. Similar to the sign that the pants are expanding, a bra that retracts a notch indicates success in the training process. Besides the main effect, exercises that target the chest area can help tone the shoulders and back. Some typical exercises such as push-ups, exercises with dumbbells… Chest exercises can help tone your shoulders and back. Photo: @hyo_1013. The body has more energy Physical activity is correlated with energy. CNN shows that exercise helps reduce symptoms of depression. This is related to an increase in endorphins from the workout. Endorphins are hormones released before and after exercise. Besides, regular exercise helps you get quality sleep. This leaves the body feeling refreshed in the morning and full of energy. Improve endurance After following a regular exercise regimen, many people will improve endurance. Running 1 km can be difficult for beginners. But after training continuously for 10 days, it is easier to run 1 km. Increases endurance for a healthy heart and circulatory system. Besides, improving endurance makes everyday activities easier. Less sugar cravings After a long workout, you may no longer have cravings for sugary foods. Exercise releases serotonin, a mood-enhancing hormone. Many of us think of sweets as a reward after hard work. However, exercise naturally improves mood. At this time, the body does not need junk food to reduce stress.