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The bare face of the internet phenomenon Bella Poarch


Famous for her signature makeup, Bella Poarch attracted attention when she wore her bare face on Vogue.

Appearing on Vogue’s new video, Bella Poarch shares her skincare routine and reveals tips for creating signature makeup looks. Besides, the bare face of the 24-year-old vocalist attracts the attention of viewers. Before makeup, Bella Poarch nourishes the skin with steps such as cleansing, applying vitamin C serum, mineralizing spray and moisturizing. Besides, she has a habit of applying sunscreen every day. Sharing with Vogue, Bella Poarch confided that she did not learn skin care tips from her mother. Instead, the singer’s aunt recommends using sunscreen to protect the skin. For a flawless makeup look, Bella Poarch uses Morphe’s foundation. The next steps include concealer, eyebrow, contouring… One of the indispensable steps in Bella Poarch’s skincare routine is blush. It became a factor that helped the singer’s face become more cute and attracted a large number of fans. Besides the typical makeup, Bella Poarch often tries her hand at artistic makeup. The 24-year-old singer loves to paint her face in the shape of a bee or transform into a cartoon character. Every day, Bella Poarch pursues a personal fashion sense. With wide-shaped designs, the female singer prioritizes choosing models with unique textures. The series of costumes make the female singer’s small figure more lovely. Bella Poarch is 1.52 m tall. She loves tight skirts, waistline. For tights, Bella Poarch prefers black tones to easily coordinate with coats and a range of accessories. Bella Poarch is an internet phenomenon that emerged through lip-syncing videos. She has a personal page with 69 million followers. Posted videos often attract more than 20 million views. On May 14, Bella Poarch officially debuted as a singer.