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The original bank deposits money on a regular basis, or the survival period? See how the bank employees save money and make money!


Nowadays, with the rapid development of China’s economy and the Internet, everyone’s living standards have been greatly improved, and many people have many choices for financial management methods. Therefore, more and more people in the industry will say that banks’ Time deposits are completely “fools”, because insiders in the industry know that banks now have many products that can guarantee safety and generate good returns.

In the past few years, if you want to talk to the bank manager that the interest must be a large deposit certificate, your deposit must be more than 300,000 yuan, but now it has changed. Many banks have adjusted this situation and reduced it. Starting from June 2015, the central bank has issued a threshold of 300,000 yuan for personal deposits and 10 million yuan for corporate deposits. In June 2016, the central bank changed the threshold for personal deposits to 200,000 yuan, which is appropriate. Mediation, but the two are inseparable, and the amount of profit enjoyed is still based on the principle of multiple deposits.

Then why is the bank so good and will give you such a high interest rate? In fact, from the perspective of the bank, the increase in deposits also means the expansion of the bank’s scale and the increase of profits. In this way, a cycle is formed, and the certificate of deposit with a larger amount becomes a very important business of the bank.

In order to attract more customers to deposit money in banks, many banks are also making various “big losses”. Some banks have adjusted the interest rate of large deposit certificates to 30%, and some even reached 50%-60%. However, it is estimated that such a large gain is unrealistic without depositing it in the bank for decades. Therefore, in order to realize the real “money making money”, one must look at the large deposit certificate. You can look at a few more banks, and then compare it with The bank manager negotiates how to achieve the highest interest rate.

However, someone inside the bank revealed that if the interest rate is relatively low, you can negotiate the highest interest rate with the bank, or you can go to some small banks. They usually require deposits to settle in, and then give you a higher interest rate return. In this case, If we have 200,000 spare cash in our hands, why should we choose large deposits instead of fixed deposits?

The first reason is that the interest rate of large deposits is very high. In the same bank, the interest rate of large deposit certificates is definitely higher than the interest rate of fixed deposits. According to the standards of relevant departments, the highest rate of increase of ordinary fixed deposits is basically 30%. However, the highest interest rate for large deposit certificates is around 50%, so the gap is not small.

The second reason is that large deposit certificates can be transferred, and interest can be recorded and calculated. We all know that if there is a sudden need for money during the deposit period, then all interest will be lost, but the large deposit certificate will not. If you need money urgently, you can transfer the deposit certificate to others at a low price. The last two people can also win.

Even if you don’t want to resell, you can still enjoy deposit interest. Ordinary time deposits take a long time to get the interest, but if you have a large deposit certificate in your hand, even if you are not full, you can still get the corresponding part. For example, if you deposit for 2 years, but you still have 2 Within months, the interest on fixed deposits will cease to exist. However, a large deposit certificate can be charged for one and a half years of interest, and it can also be received. I have to say that this design is very user-friendly.

Everyone knows the last type of deposit. Nowadays, banks have six options for fixed deposits: three months, six months, one year, two years, three years, and five years. The certificate of deposit is increased according to these three types: one month, nine months and eighteen months. On the surface, there is basically no change. In fact, it has brought us more intangible benefits, so we must choose the correct method and amount of deposit! If you have 200,000 spare cash, which deposit method would you choose? What is your different view on this?