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Whiten teeth at home with rice water


If you are looking to improve the color of your enamel, take advantage of rice water.
Why are teeth yellow?

You can use rice water to whiten your teeth at home. Erosion of tooth enamel is the cause of yellow teeth. Over time, the enamel covering the tooth surface will wear away, exposing the pale yellow dentin underneath. The following causes can also cause teeth to become yellow: Weak tooth enamel is inherited from relatives. The patient uses the antibiotic tetracycline – a drug to treat infections, but inhibits tooth enamel, causing teeth to become discolored and yellow. People with diseases related to breathing, diabetes, heart disease,… Signs of yellow teeth may be a sign that your health is not good, so pay attention to the color of your teeth. and seek medical attention promptly. How to whiten teeth with rice water Not only has the ability to whiten skin, help skin stay youthful and rosy, but rice water is also an extremely effective at-home teeth whitening ingredient. Because it contains a lot of vitamin PP, rice water has a clear effect in whitening teeth, disinfecting the throat and improving bad breath effectively. Teeth whitening with rice water is extremely convenient, easy to do, and cost-free. A few notes when applying the following method: You wash the rice for the first time to remove impurities clinging to the rice. Note do not use this water. Then continue to wash the rice a second time, rub it vigorously so that the vitamins and nutrients from the rice dissolve in the water Your job now is simple, just use a brush dipped in water to wash rice and brush evenly on your teeth. Should maintain this habit more often during the day to quickly achieve results.