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YooA (Oh My Girl) affirms that she is not aesthetic, gives an unbelievable reason to change her beauty


Finally, YooA (Oh My Girl) explained why her facial features changed so much, but what if it weren’t for plastic surgery?

Right from the new debut, YooA (Oh My Girl) has been the name of top concern because of her doll-like pretty face. Tiny face, big eyes, heart lips, smooth white skin… YooA looks like a real Barbie doll. YooA also has long slender legs, a small waist and a slim body, so she is also compared to girls coming out of comic books. Koreans are very fond of artists with small faces and YooA is considered the girl with the smallest face among female idols. Her face was only as small as a CD, wearing a normal mask became too wide, her head circumference was so small that she had to wear a children’s hat to fit. However, a few months ago, YooA was suspected of using cutlery to have the perfect beauty as it is now. Because of the new image of YooA debut she has monolid eyes and slightly thin lips, normal appearance. But now, YooA has big eyes like pigeon eyes, full lips, every line is perfect. Rumors of YooA plastic surgery have been circulating for a long time but recently, when live stream When interacting with fans, YooA mentioned the strange appearance. YooA explained that she often had swollen face, each time, many netizens speculated that she had injected fillers into her cheeks and lips, and then had eyelid surgery. YooA revealed that every time she feels tired or lacks sleep, her body will switch to a state of water retention, causing her face to swell out of control. Just on the way to work, YooA fell asleep for 20 minutes and then, her face was puffy and strange looking. Although YooA tried to control water retention, every time she worked too hard, this phenomenon appeared. Now, YooA just wants the audience’s understanding whenever she reveals her unnatural face. She is trying to maintain better health because this is the only way to help her body no longer retain water and her face becomes as small as before.