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6 pack abs maintenance menu for men


A reasonable diet is the factor that helps athlete Chris Heria stay in shape for 10 years.
Men’s Health reported that calisthenics athlete Chris Heria shared a diet to help her have a toned body.

Male athletes said that each person has a different calorie intake. Therefore, Chris Heria’s diet will not work for you completely. However, men can refer to how to choose foods to balance nutrition in each meal. How to choose food is an important factor to help Chris Heria have 6-pack abs. Through a video posted on his personal page, Chris Heria shares about the factors he values ​​in meals including: Protein, good fats and how to choose snacks. Protein is a staple of Chris Heria’s diet. He analyzed foods according to their nutritional components. Haddock fish (170 g): – 50g of protein – 0 carbs – 1 g fat – 230 calories Salmon (227 g): – 45g of protein – 0 carbs – 29 grams of fat Chicken breast (283 grams): – 87 grams of protein – 0 carbs – 10 grams of fat – 468 calories Egg: – 7 grams of protein – 0 carbs – 5 grams of fat – 80 calories Protein Shakes: – 20 grams of protein – 0 sugar – 7 grams of carbs – 1 g fat – 100 calories Besides protein sources from meat and fish, Chris Heria said he adds good fats from nuts, unsalted butter. In addition, spinach and broccoli are two indispensable vegetables in every meal. Instead of bread or rice, Chris Heria gets carbs from sources like sweet potatoes, protein pasta and fruits like blueberries and apples. On heavy training days, fruit helps provide more energy for male athletes. In addition, Chris Heria emphasizes that eating fruit adds sugar to the body. Therefore, he restricts eating sweets and does not drink alcohol. Besides the diet menu, men should incorporate more exercises. 6 habits to quit when losing fat Changing from your daily routine makes the weight loss process simpler.