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Beauty skin from lettuce and rice wine


You may not know that lettuce when combined with rice wine is not only good for health but also has an extremely effective skin beauty effect.
When it comes to lettuce, many of you will know that lettuce is a daily dish that is very good for your health, especially your skin. It helps to beautify the skin thanks to the anti-acne agents combined with rice wine containing a large amount of kojic acid to clean the skin, prevent melanin pigment – the main cause of skin pigmentation, dark spots.

To beautify the skin more effectively, you should take advantage of the combination of these two ingredients. It is not only good for health, but it also helps women to effectively beautify at home. In particular, when combining those two ingredients together, it will create a mixture with beautiful skin effects that you did not expect. First you need to prepare ingredients including 1kg of lettuce, a liter of white wine and a glass jar to hold this mixture, you should choose three liters. To do this, first, after buying lettuce, you pick it up, remove the shriveled, deep, rotten leaves … then proceed to wash it with water and soak in a diluted salt water solution for about 10-15 minutes. After soaking, you take out the basket to dry. After preparing the lettuce, you need to pour a little boiling water into the glass jar, rinse it again and again within three times to help remove dirt and unpleasant odors inside the jar. Finally, you put the lettuce in a glass jar, then pour a liter of white wine into it, close the lid and store it in a cool, dry place and after two months it can be used. Very simple, right? When using, you first need to clean your face with warm water, or use diluted salt water to clean your skin, help you remove dirt, and open pores. Then, you use a small amount of the mixture evenly on the skin, combined with a few massage movements for 3-5 minutes, helping the blood vessels to easily circulate. Maintaining this method regularly in the evenings before going to bed will help you beautify your skin, quickly own a bright, smooth, acne-free skin and tighten pores. Although the method is simple, the time to get this mixture is quite long (as mentioned in the article, it is soaked for two months), so after reading this article, you should prepare it right away. Good luck. According to Vietnamnet