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Being both a mother and a ‘student’, Ha Tang is young and tender, but the ‘last boss’ calls Lam Tam Nhu’s name.


Thanks to the unbelievable age of ‘hacking’, the beautiful duo Tang Thanh Ha and Lam Tam Nhu both made the public feel like they were at student age.

Not only admired for her life as a bride-to-be, but over the years, Tang Thanh Ha has always scored with the public because of her sweet and beautiful beauty. Although she has left the entertainment industry, she is still the undefeated beautiful “pearl” of the Vietnamese screen. Even his wife Louis Nguyen at the age of U35 is younger and more brilliant. Recently, Tang Thanh Ha caused a stir when she posted a moment of online learning at home during the epidemic season. Although she is very busy with being a wife and mother, she still has her own business, but the actress who suddenly wants to cry still takes time to “sharpen history”. It is worth noting that in the “aired” image, the young wife of Louis Nguyen, although only lightly painted, still shines brightly. Working as a boss during the day, returning as a student at night, the image of Ha Tang studying online at home quickly “caused a fever” on social networks. Everyone has to “stand still” in front of the beauty that seems to have been forgotten by time with the smooth skin and fresh look of the 8X beauties. Entering the age of 35 and being the mother of 2 children, the beauty of Tang Thanh Ha is still “the top of the top”. If you didn’t know Ha Tang before, many people would believe that she was just a female university student. And if compared with the moment when Tang Thanh Ha wore a bachelor’s shirt and received her diploma nearly ten years ago, the face of the mother of two has not changed over the years. This makes the sister association all have to say jealous of the beauty of Saigon. And if Tang Thanh Ha at the age of 34 still perfectly transforms into a hard-working online student, in the entertainment industry in Taiwan in particular and in the Mainland in general, another beauty is also praised for her beauty. reverse aging when going to school called Lam Tam Nhu. At the age of 45, wearing a graduation outfit, wife Hoac Kien Hoa was praised for her radiant and fresh appearance. Recently, Lam Tam Nhu showed off a series of photos announcing that she had completed her master’s program after 1.5 years of study. No one would have expected that, at the age of 45, Ha Tu Vy was still as young as a girl in her twenties, with such a delicate face and sweet beauty. In the graduation uniform, people thought that some student had just graduated from university. Even though she only wears makeup, her flawless skin and the energetic face of a mother of one are proof of the melancholy “age-hacking” beauty that people often say. The pictures of the rustic class of the U50 student, which were posted by the beauty Hoan Chau Cach Ca during her schooling, also “suck” the internet. It can be said that the common point of Ha Tang and Lam Tam Nhu is not only encapsulated in the fact that both are mothers, have their own careers, but still work hard to study and foster intellectuals, but also in the aspect of youthful beauty forever. . Through just a few photos of transforming into students, the beauties have made people admire incessantly before their excellent “survival” performance. For Lam Tam Nhu, although there was a time when her appearance was down, at the present time, the mother of one child is said to be beautiful in both skin and shape. If the smooth, white skin of wife Hoac Kien Hoa is a rare feature that is hard to find in women aged U50, her figure is as beautiful as a girl in her twenties. Meanwhile, Tang Thanh Ha for many years has always maintained his performance on the “reverse aging” race. The pictures showing off her bare face or showing off the beautiful body of 8X beauties are always the motivation for women to improve their beauty. And going deeper into the secrets of skin care and keeping the shape of both Lam Tam Nhu and Tang Thanh Ha, people would be even more surprised to see that the couple of ladies are still “fit in mind” in the pursuit of beauty regime. very healthy lifestyle. 1. Pay attention to breakfast As the most important meal of the day, breakfast helps to provide adequate energy for the whole day. Not only helps to control weight and maintain shape, but the first meal of the day also contributes to promoting better metabolism, making skin more beautiful. The daily breakfast menu of actress Hoan Chau Cach Cach is quite hearty, with a variety of dishes, but always ensures a balance of nutrients. With Ha Tang, the mother of two likes to use avocado, quail eggs and black bread to prepare delicious and nutritious breakfast dishes. 2. Skin care with natural formula In addition to using appropriate basic and intensive skin care products, Lam Tam Nhu and Tang Thanh Ha also have a passion for using natural ingredients to nourish the skin. This method will also help prevent possible irritation. Ha Tu Vy often uses orange and lemon peels to gently rub on dry skin areas such as elbows and knees, to help exfoliate and replenish moisture to the skin. Tang Thanh Ha uses carrot juice residue, combined with honey as a detox mask, tightens pores and whitens the skin. 3. Work hard Finally, exercise is also the top secret not only to help you stay beautiful but also to improve your skin, helping you reverse aging. While Lam Tam Nhu chooses to combine many sports to practice such as gym, yoga… … Ha Tang has been faithful to yoga for many years. And no matter what form you choose to pursue, exercise helps improve health and appearance significantly.