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Britney Spears reveals the meaning of the tattoo on the back of her neck


The female singer tattooed in a position that was obscured by her hair. She said this is her favorite picture but rarely let others see it.
On June 12, Britney Spears posed in a striking neon pink one-piece swimsuit. She pulled back her locks, revealing a small tattoo on her neck.

Britney Spears revealed to fans the meaning of the tattoo on the back of her neck. Photo: Britneyspears. Britney Spears shared on her personal page: “Have you ever seen my tattoo on the back of my neck? It’s the Hebrew language written backwards with the meaning of healing. This is my favorite tattoo.” The pattern on the back of Britney Spears’ neck is always hidden by hair. Therefore, fans cannot see it. It’s the Hebrew word Kabbalah, Britney Spears made it in 2004, according to Distractify . She got this tattoo after taking advice from singer Madonna. Madonna believes that this will be a healing force for Britney in later life. Britney has many tattoos on her body. Most of them are small in size, located on the female singer’s arms, legs, abdomen, and lower back. Britney Spears tattooed kisses on her right wrist, fairies on her lower back, butterfly wings and vines on her right foot… Britney Spears maintains a slim, healthy figure by working out and eating right. Photo: Hello Magazine. On her personal page recently, Britney Spears shared many photos and dance clips to bring a happy atmosphere during the epidemic season. Britney Spears is the type of person who likes to exercise. She once revealed in a post: “I run a lot”. According to the Eat This , running on a trail or on a treadmill is a great way to burn calories. Based on science, running also helps build muscle, reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep and maintain health. When it comes to diet, Britney Spears says she tries to eat clean and pay close attention to foods. In the eat clean diet, you need to choose fresh, unprocessed foods. Britney Spears spends most of her time eating healthy. She is not too strict, occasionally rewarding herself with her favorite food. King and queen tattoos for couples Beautiful tattoos help create a bond between you and your lover.