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Gal Gadot’s diet to stay in shape


The Wonder Woman 1984 star says the Mediterranean diet helps her stay in superhero shape.

Gal Gadot is an Israeli model and actress. She is known for winning the Miss Israel award in 2004. During her career, she was marked by blockbuster films such as Fast & Furious and Wonder Woman 1984. To match the image of the superhero, the actress members have been following a healthy diet. Photo: Car. Gal Gadot starts the morning with a routine drink a lot of water . The actress said, “I always have a full bottle of water on hand and the first thing I do when I wake up is to drink it all.” Theo Eat This Drinking a large glass of water in the morning helps metabolism in the body take place. It begins to fuel your body. Image: Vanity Fair. Gal Gadot applies Mediterranean diet . According to Gadot’s trainer, Magnus Lygdback shared that her menu includes eggs, avocado, tomatoes, quinoa, grilled fish salad, rice with vegetables and grilled meat. Eat This The benefits of this diet include prevention of heart disease, diabetes, improved gut microbiota, cognitive decline and some cancers. Image: Parade. Although the actress adheres to a healthy diet, she Don’t give up on your favorite foods . “I’m not a saint so I still eat burgers and stuff from time to time. However, I’ll try to limit them and eat low-fat foods,” she told Shapes. Image: Enfemenico. Even when not acting, Gal Gadot still prioritizes work do exercise top. During the pandemic, the actress mostly practiced at home. “I try to get there every day. Sometimes, my body doesn’t allow it, so I’ll work out 3-4 times a week,” the star said, admitting that exercise is a habit that helps her keep up get in good shape. Image: Reddit. It’s not just exercise that helps Gal Gadot maintain mental and physical health. The star shared that she relies on scientific applications to conduct sessions meditation at home. “Meditating every day and getting enough sleep is key to staying in a good mood,” she says. Many studies show that meditation can reduce anxiety, calm the mind, and problems related to blood pressure. Image: Kknews, FitnessReaper. 10 minute exercises at home to be as beautiful as Korean stars When the gym is closed, you can refer to simple exercises to maintain the figure like a Kpop idol.