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Note when sisters upgrade for a plump, sexy ‘little girl’


Many women feel guilty because the atrophied private area is no longer as full as when they were young, so they have found a way to pump fillers to improve the “little girl” appearance.
Ms. Hanh (character name has changed) 28 years old, residing in Hanoi lamented that after giving birth, she found her private area very ugly, the ‘little girl’ aging too quickly, so she started looking for measures to beautify the private area.

After considering, Hanh decided to test the filler for “the little girl”. After the injection, Ms. Hanh monitored for 2-3 days, without any abstinence, the private area looked different, helping her to be more confident. Not only Hanh, many women seek to inject fillers and own fat to rejuvenate the private area. According to the ad, filling the private area after the service is done, the big lips will be fuller and plumper, helping women be more confident when “close”. A cosmetic doctor in Pham Dinh Ho, Hanoi shared that he also often performs this procedure for customers. Most women come to this service because they have “little girl” atrophy, some have vaginal atrophy syndrome, so the solution of injecting fillers helps them to be more confident, especially for women over 45 years old. . However, when beautifying, doctors also recommend that women learn carefully to avoid risks. Many women go to inject fillers to rejuvenate the ‘little girl’. Obstetrician Le Thi Kim Dung – Thai Ha Occupational Health Center said that doctors often use the method of filling the private area with filler injections or autologous fat injection. With these 2 methods, large lips will be filled and become more beautiful. With autologous fat injection, fat will be taken from the person’s waist, abdomen or thighs. Then the doctor performs centrifugation to select the strongest fat cells to inject and transplant into the big lip. For the method of injection with filler, it is necessary to choose the type of filler that is suitable for each person’s condition. Dr. Dung said that the advantage of injecting fillers is that the effect is fast, but it only takes a few months to re-inject. And autologous fat injection, like the procedures of autologous fat injection in other areas of the body, must ensure very strict conditions otherwise it will cause inflammatory and necrotic complications. Dr. Dung noted that when injecting fillers for “the little girl”, it is necessary to consult the doctor very carefully. In some cases, women injecting botox to fight ‘little girl’ wrinkles can help their partners be more satisfied, but for women, it is not good at all. The private area including the vulva, vagina, and perineum can increase inflammation, damage when ‘close’ due to loss of elasticity, making women lose their feelings when in love. While the vagina contains many blood vessels, possible nerve risks include nerve paralysis, bleeding, and thrombophlebitis. The drug can also cause irritation to the body. Therefore, ‘little girl’ injections are only really effective when used with the right dose, depth and correct injection site. Compared to the surgery to reduce and beautify the girl, these filling methods are not as effective in the long run.