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So that armpit odor is no longer a summer obsession


Excessive sweating in the underarm area is an obsession of both men and women every summer. This unpleasant smell can spread into the air, causing discomfort to people around and causing the owner to lose confidence.
At one point or another, underarm sweating is something we all experience. However, what should you do when this situation turns from normal to embarrassing?

Sweating is part of a natural process that helps regulate body temperature. And did you know, sweat is an odorless liquid? The unpleasant smell it gives off is due to the combination of bacteria present on our skin. Worse, it leaves stains on clothes, creating an unattractive image. Some people tend to sweat more than others. In some cases, excessive sweating can be the result of an underlying health condition. However, this is not the case that we are talking about here and here are some helpful tips for you to overcome this summer day obsession. Cleanse underarms Did you know that underarm hair can be one of the causes of excessive sweating? Therefore, cleaning the underarm area is a must, especially when you are sweating a lot. Use antiperspirant and deodorant products under your arms Antiperspirants contain an aluminum-based substance that creates small blockages in your skin’s sweat ducts and prevents sweat from escaping. Experts even recommend applying an antiperspirant at night so the pores can absorb and trap sweat in the morning. However, you must ensure that you are not allergic to these products. Please take care of personal hygiene and dressing Don’t get dressed immediately after getting out of the shower, but wait until your body cools down and dries. This will prevent the underarm skin from sweating as much. Never forget to do this if you live in a humid place or take frequent hot showers. Shower immediately after exercise Excessive sweating can cause skin diseases such as dermatitis. The best way to combat that is to keep your underarms as clean as possible. Rinse after each workout and pat dry. Apply moisturizer to your armpits to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Be careful with baking soda Many people use baking soda to prevent underarm sweat, but the truth is that this practice can be harmful. Studies have shown that applying baking soda can burn the skin and completely destroy the skin barrier, leading to more skin problems. Make sure you’re taking it under the guidance of your doctor if you decide to use baking soda. Say “no” to caffeine Caffeine increases sweating and activates the nervous system. It also causes blood pressure and heart rate to increase. Your sweat glands will also have to be overactive. If you like coffee or other hot drinks that contain caffeine, be aware that you’ll likely have a particularly sweaty day. Because these drinks increase body temperature and cause sweating. Caffeine should be reduced or completely avoided.