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What did Adam Levine do to have a toned body?


The male singer combines many exercises such as squats, yoga, and pilates to lose weight and help build muscle.
On June 9, Adam Levine shared with fans the exercises he did while on vacation in Maui (Hawaii, USA) to keep fit.

Team leader Maroon 5 revealed a weightlifting exercise in a standing position with one leg. The male singer maintains a daily exercise routine under the guidance of longtime personal trainer Austin Pohlen. Adam Levine shows off his toned body while working out. Photo: Pagesix. The male singer’s fitness expert once shared with US Weekly about how he was “very consistent” in his exercise routine. “He walks on the treadmill for about 1.5-2 hours a day and then we practice. Adam Levine also does yoga about 3 times a week and combines pilates. We do strength training 4-5 times a week. Adam Levine always tries to do exercises like squats, deadlifts and push ups. Besides, when his body recovered, the male singer started lifting heavy weights,” Austin Pohlen said. Adam Levine is 42 years old and has frequent lower back problems. So the trainer focused on building exercises to help him recover. Adam Levine combines many exercises to gain muscle and lose weight. Photo: Sfidn, Militarybuds. The Covid-19 epidemic was complicated, giving Adam Levine a lot of time to exercise with his wife. Team leader Maroon 5’s goal is to lose weight and gain muscle. He wants his body back to the way it was when he was married to Behati Prinsloo. Thanks to hard work, the Hollywood star lost 9 kg in 4 months. Austin Pohlen also oversees Levine’s meals, which include protein, vegetables, berries, carbs, and fat. “For breakfast every morning, we have egg whites with spinach and Greek yogurt. For lunch we order a delivery service that delivers veggies, salmon and sweet potatoes. Breakfast and lunch menus. same. To change the taste, I create different dishes for Adam Levine and change the food every day,” the singer’s trainer revealed. Adam Levine’s menu is diverse, changed daily to fully supplement nutrients. Photo: Valencia. Exercises to help men have 6 pack abs Exercises that affect the abdomen, which can be done at home, help men build muscle.