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6 wrong habits you should change immediately lest you get sick


These habits follow you for years without realizing it carries many bad health risks.
1. Bathing too much

It sounds strange, but bathing too much is as harmful as being lazy to shower. According to a team of infectious disease experts from Columbia University (USA), too much bathing will make the skin dry and cracked, leading to bacteria that can easily enter the body through these wounds. Experts recommend not bathing more than once a day. 2. Not washing hands before going to the toilet Bacteria aren’t just in the toilet, they’re everywhere. This means that if you don’t wash your hands for a long time, bacteria are also building up on your hands. When going to the toilet, your hands can touch very “private” places, so your hands must be clean. So washing your hands before and after using the toilet is equally important. 3. Use your finger to press the drain button The bathroom is probably the dirtiest place in the house. Studies show that, even 90 minutes after flushing, dozens of bacteria-laden droplets remain on surfaces. Therefore, use knuckles instead of fingertips to press the discharge button. This can be of great help, in case you forget and touch something before washing your hands – you won’t be spreading germs around. 4. Lazy to wash sheets and pillows Sheets and pillows are a haven for dust mites or mold. If not washed regularly, they will become one of the common causes of skin problems. One study found that dust can trigger allergies, causing nasal congestion, swelling, and irritation of the upper respiratory tract. Experts recommend washing sheets and pillows once a week with warm water. 5. Sleeping with a pet Even the best-groomed pets carry a lot of bacteria on their fur. They can even cause plague. 6. Wash your face with soap Some people mistakenly believe that, if you wash your face with soap twice a day, your face will be very clean and acne will be avoided. In fact, soap clogs pores and irritates breakouts. Dermatologists stress that soap was not originally meant for the face. When used, they destroy the protective barrier and disrupt the pH level of the skin.