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The secret to choosing mascara your girlfriend should not forget


Mascara is the secret to owning beautiful eyes, so pay attention to never be forgotten.
Round, straight shaft brush trục

Illustration. This is the most common eyelash brush shape. This is a brush that can carry a large amount of mascara, helping you to apply eyelashes quickly. The round, straight shaft brush is also the most suitable brush for Asian girls, featured with thin, short lashes. Curved brush The curved brush is curved at the comb body. The smart design of the curved brush makes it possible to push up curled eyelashes significantly compared to conventional shaping brushes. Spiral shaft brush The spiral brush is the perfect combination of the round, straight shaft brush with the curved brush. The spiral brush helps you apply more mascara, faster lashes, curl faster and hold longer. Mascara doesn’t fade Another important factor when choosing mascara is that you need to consider the climate where you live, the nature of your skin as well as the style you are aiming for. If you live in a humid climate with oily skin, you should choose mascaras that do not float. You may find it difficult to remove makeup, but this is a very good hold and prevents mascara from smudging. There are many people who use waterproof mascara even in dry environments, just because of these benefits. Brush For a gorgeous eye mascara, don’t forget the brush. The truth is that you can’t buy a separate mascara brush, but be really careful when choosing mascara. A long mascara brush with comb-like teeth will be great for you to lengthen your lashes as well as make them curl more. The brush is round and has a thick brush density that will create a very good thickness for the eyelashes. Meanwhile, a rubber brush is easier to brush and uses less mascara. Less irritants You should pay attention to the ingredients of mascara to choose the right type. If you are allergic to makeup or have sensitive eyes and wear glasses, an anti-allergic mascara is a great choice. Hypoallergenic mascara contains no special ingredients, it just means that this mascara will not have chemical ingredients that easily react with each other. One thing you need to keep in mind is that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic ingredient list as different brands will have different formulations. Carefully read the ingredients of your mascara when you buy it, and pay attention to the return policy if you’re unsure.