Home Beauty She looks like Princess Rapunzel thanks to her 1 meter long hair

She looks like Princess Rapunzel thanks to her 1 meter long hair


Josie Oddi hasn’t cut her hair for 10 years. She wants to keep growing her hair until it hits the ground.
Josie Oddi (27 years old, from Billericay, Essex, England) impresses with her knee-length hair. According to the The Sun , she has grown her hair for more than 10 years and still does not want to cut her hair.

Like a real-life cloud-haired princess Josie Oddi hasn’t cut her hair in over a decade. Her current hair reaches a length of about 116.8 cm. “10 years ago, my hair was shoulder length. I decided to try growing my hair long and see how long I could keep it,” Oddi shared. The mother-of-one said she wanted to continue growing her hair length. She hopes her glamorous curls will last until they hit the ground. Oddi never thought she could spend much time growing her hair. Her long hair makes her feel like herself and makes a special impression in the eyes of everyone. Josie Oddi is known as Princess Rapunzel in real life. Photo: Josie Oddi. In public, Josie Oddi was asked by many people about her hair longer than 1 meter. The question she often receives is if she has hair extensions. When the mother-of-one said that this was her natural hair, everyone was skeptical. Oddi says she gets a lot of attention from girls. They compare her hair with famous characters such as the cloud-haired princess Rapunzel, the ice queen Elsa. “Some mothers came to see me. They asked me if I wanted to appear at their little girl’s party and transform into Rapunzel. This made me laugh. But, I wasn’t confident enough. believe to do so,” said Josie Oddi. Take good care of your hair Josie Oddi maintains her shiny hair by avoiding the use of heat to style her hair. The high heat from the styling machine strips the hair of moisture. When moisture is lost, hair is often dry, fragile and prone to breakage. If in a situation where you need to style your hair with a machine, you should use a product that protects your hair from high temperatures. Some heat protectant sprays moisturize, add shine, and prevent static electricity. In addition, adding moisture to the hair is necessary to maintain healthy hair. Use shampoos and conditioners that provide vegetable oil ingredients to nourish the scalp. From there, creating a natural balance between water and oil. If you want intensive hair care, shampoo or conditioner alone may not be enough. Use additional hair serum, incubate hair with a mask 1-2 times a week to restore a soft, shiny appearance. Oddi shampoos 1-2 times a week to maintain the natural oils in the hair. To keep her hair in perfect condition, she cares for each strand, helping them grow healthy. Josie Oddi hasn’t significantly changed her hair length in over 10 years. She only trims a little at the ends of her hair every 2 months to help her hair grow faster. Photo: Josie Oddi. After every 2 months, the mother of one child trims her hair once to stimulate hair growth. Page Healthline Also says that periodic trimming helps promote hair growth and looks radiant. Josie Oddi shared: “I like my hair in a really healthy state. If you look at some people with long hair, you can see split ends and frizz. When you look at my hair from the side, After that, the hairs are evenly long, there is no breakage or split ends.” Josie Oddi didn’t plan to cut her hair until she felt she looked “too old” or “dumb”. She said: “I don’t see myself having to cut my hair anytime soon. The only time I want to cut my hair is in the summer. It’s very hot and my hair feels like a blanket on my back. So I usually put my hair up in a neat bun. neatly”. Skin and hair care tips before going to bed Skin care while you sleep to promote regeneration, for a radiant look in the morning.